Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January Journals: Day 26

Two Years old! Wow!
Happy Birthday to our Miracle Boy, Jacob!

Today started as any other day...we ate breakfast, sang Happy Birthday, went to Play Group, Sang Happy Birthday, ate cupcakes, napped, skyped/talked with family, opened a few gifts, and sang Happy Birthday! :) Can you tell we're excited about this boy's special day?!?!

Here's a picture of Jacob in his birthday shirt!

We went to the mall to play on the playground since it had snowed last night...we met with our play group and had fun! Here's Jacob coming down the tree slide... After playing, we ate Mexican (Jacob's favorite) and had cupcakes to celebrate!
Jacob enjoyed his cupcake!!!

In my family, whenever we had a birthday or a special event we got to eat on the "You are Special" plate. When I was in college I made my own plate that I would one day use with my own family. So, here's Jacob eating his dinner on that very plate. He had a good time pointing out the letters during dinner. Happy Birthday Jacob! You are Special!
It seems like just yesterday that we were arriving at the hospital, ready for the worst, hoping for a miracle, and feeling every emotion in between. When I think about those nights I feel a lump creeping into my throat, the tingling in my nose, and I find myself fighting back tears that well under my eyes.

On Jacob's special day, it's hard to not think about the special people that allowed their skills to be used so that we can have Jacob here with us! We wanted to share these pictures of some of the people that made Jacob's beginnings possible, and allowed us to take Jacob home and help him become the child that he is today. We are forever grateful for how God used them to make our miracle possible. We wish there were more ways that we could say "thank you" and we try to take those opportunities when they come to us. We pray that they know how much they have meant to us and to Jacob.

Thanks for checking in with us today! See you tomorrow!


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  2. Happy Birthday, Jacob!! So glad you had such a fantastic day! We love you!!
    Mike and Jackie

  3. Happy Birthday Jacob We love you and thank you for being a very visible reminder of how much our Lord loves us.