Monday, January 31, 2011

The end has come........

Yes, its true. The January Journals are ending today...I know you all have been enjoying my daily updates about the Amazing Jacob...and I know you all would LOVE for me to continue this forever...but alas, all good things must come to an end. You'll have to survive without your daily dose of Jacob until I get the CRAZY idea to do this again. :) Until then, here's a video I have been working on. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. If you are just now getting this and it's the first day of Feb...well...I can only say that it's because of technical difficulties and definately NOT because I was too tired last night to finish and post this video. HA!

January Journals: Day 31

More pictures from the day of the party...
Jacob's cake with lions, elephants, monkeys, and case you can't tell! :)
Cupcakes for the guests!

Just before the party started someone clipped this balloon to Jacob's pants. It was SOOOO funny! When he ran down the hallway, you would see the balloon bouncing along in the air. If you ever needed to find Jacob, just look for the moving, floating, bouncing balloon. hilarious!

Where's Jacob? Follow the balloon string...

The work going on in the kitchen to get ready for the party...couldn't have done it without you all!!!

Decorations on the from the past year were attached to the strings on the signs.

Jacob reading a book that Gi Gi recorded. What a cute gift! Thank you Gi Gi!
Here's a video of Jacob playing with his balloons at dinner time after the party on Saturday night. He was laughing alot until we got the camera out...what a goofball!

Thanks for checking in with us today. I plan on doing one last EXTRA post this evening to finish out the month of January. Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Journals: Day 30

Jacob's Birthday party was a great success! It was a ZOO around our house! What a great time to be with family to celebrate Jacob's special day. Thanks to the family for making the effort to be here. We appreciate it, and Jacob does too! Here's just a couple of pictures...there will be more tomorrow!!!
Some of the decorations...
The Tuley Zoo animals just before the party! Ha!
Jacob opening one of his gifts! He Loves the letters! Great Job!
Jacob enjoying his "ellow" cake. When we went to the store, we asked Jacob what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday. Since he knows his colors so well, we gave him the choice of brown, white, or yellow... He said yellow. He ate about half of his slice!
More pictures tomorrow of the party...for now...I'm going to bed! I'm exhausted! :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

January Journals: Day 29

Jacob has been getting birthday cards in the mail this week and HE LOVES THEM!!!!! Here's one from Les and Reba...
Trying to hold the card nice and still for Mommy to take a picture...sorry if it's blurry. :)

He LOVES that when you open up each card there's a surprise note inside. How fun!

Thanks for the card!
Stay tuned for tomorrow's post about the BDay celebration! Have a great day!

Friday, January 28, 2011

January Journals: Day 28

Aunt Vonnie came into town tonight and we got some great pictures of her and Jacob! It took a few tries, but we got them! It's so clear to us how much Jacob is loved!

Thanks for checking in with us today! I almost didn't make it in time...I've been busy with gettting things ready for Jacob's celebration tomorrow. Have a great day!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

January Journals: Day 27

Papa Bear and GJo arrived in town on the 25th...and we've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to update with any pictures of them's some fun pics from their first day here.
This is in the airport; I made Jacob go to Papa Bear and he wasn't so sure about it...he knew who they were as they were walking up the walkway, and said their names, but when they got close, he decided that Mama was better. Ha! This is us trying to get him to smile in the airport!
Love this picture of Jacob laughing!
Showing Papa Bear one of his puzzles...

Bouncing around with GJo!

We're having a great time with family. We're looking forward to seeing the Tuley family this weekend for Jacob's party. So fun! Jacob is so blessed to have such great Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles that surround him! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January Journals: Day 26

Two Years old! Wow!
Happy Birthday to our Miracle Boy, Jacob!

Today started as any other day...we ate breakfast, sang Happy Birthday, went to Play Group, Sang Happy Birthday, ate cupcakes, napped, skyped/talked with family, opened a few gifts, and sang Happy Birthday! :) Can you tell we're excited about this boy's special day?!?!

Here's a picture of Jacob in his birthday shirt!

We went to the mall to play on the playground since it had snowed last night...we met with our play group and had fun! Here's Jacob coming down the tree slide... After playing, we ate Mexican (Jacob's favorite) and had cupcakes to celebrate!
Jacob enjoyed his cupcake!!!

In my family, whenever we had a birthday or a special event we got to eat on the "You are Special" plate. When I was in college I made my own plate that I would one day use with my own family. So, here's Jacob eating his dinner on that very plate. He had a good time pointing out the letters during dinner. Happy Birthday Jacob! You are Special!
It seems like just yesterday that we were arriving at the hospital, ready for the worst, hoping for a miracle, and feeling every emotion in between. When I think about those nights I feel a lump creeping into my throat, the tingling in my nose, and I find myself fighting back tears that well under my eyes.

On Jacob's special day, it's hard to not think about the special people that allowed their skills to be used so that we can have Jacob here with us! We wanted to share these pictures of some of the people that made Jacob's beginnings possible, and allowed us to take Jacob home and help him become the child that he is today. We are forever grateful for how God used them to make our miracle possible. We wish there were more ways that we could say "thank you" and we try to take those opportunities when they come to us. We pray that they know how much they have meant to us and to Jacob.

Thanks for checking in with us today! See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January Journals: Day 25

There's a new show on Jacob's favorite's called Team UmiZoomi. He asks to watch it everyday along with Super Why. He will point to the TV and say "Bye" which stands for Why, and when it finishes he says, "Umi." Super Why is still the clear favorite, but Team UmiZoomi ranks right up there...
Jacob has also found a new spot to watch his favorite shows...looks pretty comfy!

Getting comfortable...stretching out!

I love how he crosses his cute!
Have a great day! Can't believe my baby boy will be 2 years old TOMORROW....he is growing up so fast!

Monday, January 24, 2011

January Journals: Day 24

As's the pictures of Jacob playing in the plastic bin. Yesterday I was cleaning the house a little and opened this bin to put away his puzzles, etc. He thought it would be fun to be inside for a while. I showed him how to get in, and this is what happened...
"Ha! I'm in! This plastic is smooth."
Jacob thinking, "This is pretty funny!"
Jacob saying, "Cheese" Look what I did! Momma thinking, "Please don't lean too far, you'll fall!"
Jacob decided that he'd attempt getting out of the bin all by himself...
"If I stick my tongue out I'll be able to reach farther..."
Once he was out, he decided to see what the bin looked like from the inside-out. Of course, you know Jackson had to be close to "supervise" the action!

Hey Mom! Look at me!
Stay tuned for more adventures of Jacob, the master of the plastic bin!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

January Journals: Day 23

I know it's January, and this month is supposed to be all about Jacob, but I had to take one post to share about these ladies! We are all so different and have very different life experiences, and because of that, we have so much fun together!!! I was able to hang out with these wonderful women last night. We get together once a month and eat, laugh, share, cry (sometimes), and discuss life and books and faith. Thanks ladies for allowing me to be blessed with such great friends!

...and since I know you all really just want to see a picture of's one I got today...and it's a pre-cursor for tomorrow's post...
How's that for a cliffhanger?!?!?!?!

P.S. Thanks for the prayers regarding Jacob's health. He's still not back to normal, but so far it hasn't gotten worse. Please continue to lift him up and pray that his body recovers quickly from whatever this is! :) Thanks!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

January Journals: Day 22

Somebody got a haircut last night...a MUCH needed hair cut. Here's Jacob trying to give me a puzzle piece and say cheese at the same time! So cute!
Here's what Jacob did this morning before lunch...He loves to make music!

He was so proud of himself!

Then he decided that LAUGHING about it was even more fun! Ha Ha!

I know you can't really tell in these pictures....but Jacob has come down with something in the last 24 hours. He didn't sleep well last night, has a slight temperature that comes and goes, and is overall really snotty and coughing. Please pray that this, whatever it is, does not become worse and that Jacob's body can recover quickly. This boy has some partying to do next week...and who wants to be sick on their birthday!?!?!
Have a blessed day! See you tomorrow!

Friday, January 21, 2011

January Journals: Day 21

This is the face of an angel...this is the face of a precious jewel...this is the face of a contemplator of deep thoughts...this is the face of a determined child... (and his trusty sidekick!)

Of ALL the things that Jacob can do in his room, of ALL the toys that he can play with in his room, of ALL the activities we try to entertain him with while in his room...this is what he loves to do most in his room: try to turn the wand on the blinds!!!!! Jacob loves to be able to see out the window, but having the blinds pulled is not enough, he has to use the wand to open them. He hasn't figured it all out yet, but he gets an A for effort in that category. Notice his trusty sidekick laying on the floor...he loves the window too! This is how determined he is to get this wand EVERY SINGLE DAY...MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY!!!!!!!!

Jacob is thinking....I can just reach it...I know I can...

Ah Ha, I've got an idea of how to get that thing....

Let me just get my feet in the right place here....

....and YES, I got it!

Jacob will even go to greater lengths and dangers just to get this wand... Don't worry, all hands were on deck and at the ready in case of any mishaps. (None occurred in the taking of these pictures, just FYI.)

Good thing he's determined...I guess that's one reason why he's here today...that and with alot of help from the guy upstairs!