Friday, January 21, 2011

January Journals: Day 21

This is the face of an angel...this is the face of a precious jewel...this is the face of a contemplator of deep thoughts...this is the face of a determined child... (and his trusty sidekick!)

Of ALL the things that Jacob can do in his room, of ALL the toys that he can play with in his room, of ALL the activities we try to entertain him with while in his room...this is what he loves to do most in his room: try to turn the wand on the blinds!!!!! Jacob loves to be able to see out the window, but having the blinds pulled is not enough, he has to use the wand to open them. He hasn't figured it all out yet, but he gets an A for effort in that category. Notice his trusty sidekick laying on the floor...he loves the window too! This is how determined he is to get this wand EVERY SINGLE DAY...MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY!!!!!!!!

Jacob is thinking....I can just reach it...I know I can...

Ah Ha, I've got an idea of how to get that thing....

Let me just get my feet in the right place here....

....and YES, I got it!

Jacob will even go to greater lengths and dangers just to get this wand... Don't worry, all hands were on deck and at the ready in case of any mishaps. (None occurred in the taking of these pictures, just FYI.)

Good thing he's determined...I guess that's one reason why he's here today...that and with alot of help from the guy upstairs!

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  1. Yes I was thinking of the thumbs-up picture from the sonigram Julie. Thank you Jesus! Love and blessings again! Thanks for the blog Mom and Dad. Love you Gjo