Saturday, September 29, 2012

1 Month Old

Elizabeth is growing so fast!  She's eating well and sleeping well too (for a newborn/infant).  She's eating about every 3 hours during the day and gives us a 5-6 hour stretch at night.  It's great!  At her one month check up she weighed 9 lbs 5 oz and measured 22 inches.  She is holding her head up well, and when placed on her tummy, she can push up and turn her head both directions.  She's focusing on our faces, and we think she's given us her first real smile!  So fun! 
Great job Sweet Pea!  We love you so much already!

Camping with Daddy

Jeff and Jacob went camping overnight, with a couple of other dads and boys, at Montgomery Bell State Park.  There were four dads, four 3-year olds, and one 6-year old.  From what I can tell, they had a fun and smelled like campfire when they got home; a definate sign of a good time!  They slept in tents and sleeping bags, played with flashlights in the tents, and aparently there was a "No Crying Rule!"  The menu included all kinds of snacks, as well as hotdogs, marshmellows (S'mores), and eggs and bacon for breakfast.  Free time was spent exploring in the woods around their campsite.  I'm sure there were other things that happened on the overnight camping trip, but since both Jeff and Jacob are now asleep, that's all you get!  Ha!  Enjoy the pics!
Ready to go camping!

Tent is all set up!

Ready to go to sleep.  What a smile.  Even Deon joined the camping trip!
Morning campfire...

Exploring in the woods.

The boys.
Have a blessed day!

Normal, Everyday Life...

Here's a collection of pictures of what we've been doing lately.  Just alot of normal, everyday things.  Which is wonderful!  Elizabeth is doing great, and Jacob is doing a good job being a big brother!
Elizabeth enjoying bathtime!
Sweet cheeks!

Jacob came out of his room with this pajama shirt on over his polo, his rainboots on, and his baseball mit, saying he wanted to play baseball with Daddy.  SO FUNNY!

"What do you mean Daddy when you say no dating until I'm 30?"  ha!

When checking on Jacob at night, there's no telling what we will find.  Most of the time he's laying like this in his bed, but this particular night he had fallen asleep with his rainboots on.  Hilarious!
Have a blessed day!

Going on a Walk

Last week we decided to take little sis out for a walk in the nice weather.  Jacob walked an entire half mile around our neighborhood.  It was a nice walk!  Along the way, we shared some special moments.  I shared with Jacob how smart he was and how proud I was of him.  He responded with, "Yeah, I love you."  So special.
He picked up a stick along the way and made sure to look for "treasure" that may have been left by the pirates.  He's so funny!
Elizabeth slept the entire walk.  Such a sweet face!
Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Family comes to town!

This is just a sampling of the photos that were taken when my family came to meet Elizabeth.  My parents were in town, and my sister's family came shortly thereafter.  My sister has two children, Audrey (4) and Shelby (8mo.)!  So, It was a full house, with lots of love going around!  :) 
Audrey and Jacob!  Cute!
Papa and GJo with all their grandchildren!  Sweet!
My sister and her husband meeting Elizabeth for the first time and after a LONG drive. is this the only picture I have of you form the visit?!?!?!  Crazy. 
Jacob and Shelby on the floor.  Jacob is probably watching Super Why because he was not looking at the camera!
Audrey and Jacob were going on a trip.  Who knows where they were off to...
Don't you love that Jacob has on his black dress shoes with white socks.  Awesome!
Papa and Jacob...probably taking a power nap.  :)
Thanks for checking in with us!  Have a blessed day!

Newborn Photos

Even though these are a couple of weeks old now...Here's some pictures of Elizabeth at 6 days old.  Our friend April came over to take some pictures and as soon as she showed up, Elizabeth woke up.  She did not go back to sleep!  So, all of our pictures are with her eyes wide open!  It's okay with us though, because we love her eyes!  It reminds us of the day she was born, the first hour she was completely alert and looking around at us.  It was amazing!  She's so cute!
E with her bed quilt in the background.  Unique, just like her!
Melt. My. Heart.  I love this picture!

She's going to be a thinker...and a talker.  Watch out World!
Of course, we had to have one with Big Brother!  So sweet!
Thanks for checking in with us!  Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jacob's First Day of Preschool

In the midst of Elizabeth's arrival, Jacob started preschool!!!!!!!!!  I can't believe my little boy is going to preschool.  It's amazing!  When Jeff came home after taking him to school, he showed me the pictures and I began tearing up immediately.  Not because I was sad I missed it (I was home with Elizabeth), but because we were not supposed to have that experience with him at all.  He was not supposed to be here, and that makes all these things just that much more special!

Here's some pictures from the day...

Backpack is ready to go!

Ready for school!
Backpack is on and ready to head out the door.

At the front doors of the school.
Looking around the classroom...pointing out all the letters!
The first thing he found was an airplane.  He had to have a pilot for his plane!
A picture of Jacob in front of his cubby.
So proud of my little boy!  Preschool is going to be so fun!  Thanks for checking in and have a blessed day!

Many Visitors...

We've had lots of visitors in the last few days!  Here's some pictures of the many that have traveled far distances to meet Elizabeth!



Elizabeth's First Days

Elizabeth's first days were great!  We only had to stay at the hospital 24 hours, and got home by dinner time the following day.  What a different experience this time around!  It felt surreal as we walked out of the hospital with our newly born baby.  What a blessing!
Before her bath the first night, she was reweighed and had only lost a couple of ounces. 

Getting ready to go home...somebody was happy! 
I snapped a picture and she happened to be doing a newborn smile!

Ready to go!

Holding onto the doll that big brother gave her.  So sweet!

Agga and Jacob were waiting for us as we arrived home.  Jacob was so excited!  He said, "She come to our house!?!?"

The first thing he wanted to do was hold Elizabeth.  He is going to be a wonderful big brother!

We laid Elizabeth in her bed and Jacob went to get Deon.  He wanted to share already.  :)

Then, he ran to the bathroom, got his stool, and placed it by her bed.  He said, "I see her better."

After her first night at home, this is how Elizabeth woke up in the morning.  She's like Jacob in that she does not like her arms bound!  The last few months in the womb was enough for her.  Ha!  She likes her freedom!
Thanks for checking in with us.  Hope you have a blessed day and find ways to see God at work in your everyday, ordinary life!