Saturday, January 1, 2011

January Journals: Day 1

Hello friends! January is a special month for us, mostly because it was the month that Jacob came into this world. But it is also a month where you can begin new goals, when you have the energy to go for your resolutions, and can see things in a new light. So, I have decided that in January I will be posting something everyday on the blog. I am calling it the January Journals.

For the New Year we celebrated by having a day of fun, football, and eating Cheeze-Its. You can see that we have the "Family size" box of Cheeze-Its to snack on in this house! This morning after Jacob woke up, he went to the pantry and pulled out this box. Maybe this will become a New Years Day tradition?!?! Who am I kidding...If I have anything to say about it, then this will be an EVERYDAY tradition! Ha!

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  1. Please pray for Sam. He was born 4 months early. His mom and dad are in my brother's Sunday School class. I thought of you, your faith, and your little miracle and knew you would pray. I have prayed for Jacob daily and love to hear how God is completing a miracle in him. Below is a link their blog. They could use some encouragement from someone who has walked the journey of a low projected survival rate.