Thursday, May 30, 2013

Grocery Shopping!

Jacob had fun the other day helping me get a few things from the store!  What a big boy he has turned into. When did this happen?!?!?

I am often reminding myself that blessings are everywhere; we just have to see them!  Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

9 Months

Oh Elizabeth!  You're 9 months old!  So hard to believe!  Here's some things you are doing lately...

CRAWLING!!!!!!  Yes, it happened yesterday.  So happy that you're on the move!  You learned how to get from your belly to sitting position first, and it took you a day to learn and master that skill.  Wow!  Then before we knew it, you were wanting to move forward.  It took a few more days for you to figure out how to move your legs too.  So fun!

You're eating lots of food too!  You still love fruit, but you have recently discovered a new love for PUFFS!  Ha!  You love to eat them and somehow they end up all over the place...even in your clothes!  How do you do that?  Some of the new foods you've had recently are: pork, egg yolk, white potato, and lentils/split peas.  You've done well with most.  The eggs were a little bit of a challenge and you weren't sure about that texture.  Don't worry, we'll try again!

You LOVE to sit in the living room and play in your red box.  You get up on your knees and dig though to get different toys out.  You are curious and experiencing alot through your play time.  You still watch Jacob all the time and want anything that he's playing with.  It sure makes things interesting!

At your 9 month appointment you were 28.5 inches and 16lbs 10oz. You are in the 80% for height and 25% for weight. You are probably going to be long and lean like Jacob!

Watching you grow and change is such a blessing.  You're so easygoing and always go with the flow.  People ask me, "Is she always this good?"  Yes, you are!  However, you are a bit mysterious also.  You don't give away too many smiles, but you're always watching things closely.  It's part of who you are!  We love you!

Yay for being 9 months old!!!

Don't you know that chewing on paper is the BEST!
Yeah, I'm cute!
Just another one of my many poses! 
As long as she knows the bow is there, it will come out almost instantly...
All smiles from our 9 month old and 4 year old!
Thanks for checking in with us!  Have a blessed day!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Last Day of Preschool

From the beginning of the year to the end of the year...look at how Jacob has changed!  
Our little 3 year old grew up and became a big 4 year old! We are so proud of you, Jacob!  You have accomplished so much in the past year! Yay for summer!!!

Airplanes anyone?

A visit from Uncle Biggie is always exciting in Jacob's world. We will see what Elizabeth thinks...

So sweet!  Love these two!
Thanks for checking in with us.  Have a blessed day!

Lil' Sluggers

Jacob's season with Lil Sluggers Baseball is done!  It's a great little program that teaches kids the skills of baseball on their level. They learn to use "alligator hands" to get the ball.  Jacob has learned to "point, step, and throw" the ball, and his hitting and running of the bases has really improved!

Here he is on the first day!

Gathering all the balls from a drill. 

Talking with Coach Brandon!

Elizabeth is enjoying it too!

I can tell a big difference in Jacob from the beginning to the end. Great work Jacob!

Busy Weekends in Atlanta...

We spent the past couple of weekends in Atlanta and helped Uncle Buh and Aunt Jenny with moving apartments, celebrated Jeff's birthday, and attend a baby shower for Aunt Jenny and Cousin Kathryn (soon to arrive!).
Jeff's birthday celebration was fun!  Buzz Lightyear made an appearance on Jeff's "Rippy Bahthday" cake, and Jacob enjoyed counting out M&M's for everyone to have.  We sang, ate cake, and Jeff opened presents.  It was a fun evening!
Daddy-Son picture!

Jacob had to count the "boms" from the grandfather clock during the present opening festivities!  He loves clocks!

Elizabeth even got some ice cream and a little bite of frosting.  This girl likes sweets!  :)

I asked Jacob what he wanted to get daddy for his birthday, and he responded, "Maybe some daddy toys."  I asked, "What kind of daddy toys?" and he said, "Tools, maybe."  So, off to Sears we went and Jacob picked out gloves and a hammer for his daddy.  He was so proud!
Sunday afternoon I went to a baby shower for Aunt Jenny and Baby Kathryn.  It was a beautiful shower!  We can't wait for baby Kathryn to make her arrival!!!
Beautiful ladies!  :)

Friday, May 17, 2013


I just wanted to share a few pictures of my sweet, beautiful, miracle children!

When they are crying, upset, and throwing tantrums, or smiling, singing, and laughing, they are the most beautiful thing I have ever had a part of creating!  What a blessing to be a parent to these two!  

I love you Jacob and Elizabeth!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


At the end of April we took a trip to see Papa and G-Jo in California.  It was Elizabeth's first time in an airplane and first time to go to their house.  We had a great trip!  Whenever we mentioned to Jacob that we were going to Papa and Gjo's house he talked about seeing the cuckoo clock and getting to fly on the airplane. So cute!  Here's some pictures from our trip!
Papa talking to Jacob about the clock.  Check out that smile on his face!
The whole gang at Fairmount Park. This was a place where my mom went as a child with her family. It was fun to walk around and play, and nostalgic for my mom!

Playing ball at the park

The boat house at Fairmount park. This is where my mom would ride paddle boats out into the lake. 

We went to a place called Sawdust Factory where kids can pick out something, paint it, and take it home the same day. Of course Jacob picked an airplane!  

Thanks for the fun time G-Jo! 
After a hard morning of painting, we ate lunch at my favorite California burger place. We go there every time we can!  

On Sunday, Jacob got up in front of the church and sang God is so Good with his Papa. Precious!

We spent one day at Disneyland and California Adventure. One day is not enough to do everything!!!  But the highlights were seeing Mickey and Buzz!

Jacob is getting "Cozy at the Cone!"

Elizabeth in her Minnie onesie!  We hung out while the others waited in line for the Cars Ride. 

In front of California Adventure!

We also went out to Pepperdine for a day and stayed for the Lectureship evening worship. It was fun for us to take Jacob and Elizabeth to the place where Jeff and I were married and where I went to school!

Jacob got on the tree for a picture!  This is the tree in front of the Fieldhouse at Pepperdine. 

For dinner in Malibu, we went to Duke's. It was a Tuesday, which meant Fish Taco night!!!!  Yummy!

We loved our trip to California. It went so fast, but so many fun memories were made!

Preschool Spring Program

On April 18th, Jacob had his Preschool Spring Program.  Chappy and Agga were able to come to the show and we took a video for memory sake.  It was so cute!  They did a Mother Goose themed night, and Jacob had been practicing for a long time!  He had all the hand motions just right!  It was cute,  cute, cute!  After the program we went and got ice cream to celebrate!  What special memories!
Singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider (love that smile)
Little Miss Muffet...along came a spider... hence the surprised look!  :)
Jacob holding up 3 fingers during Ba Ba Black sheep.
Yummy Ice cream!
We're so proud of our little preschooler!  He did awesome!

Friday, May 3, 2013

8 months

Oh sweet Elizabeth! You are 8 months old! I can't believe how time has passed so quickly. You are so sweet and so good and so happy! You love your big brother and watch him all the time. He's definitely your favorite kind of entertainment! You recently went on your first airplane ride to California (update coming) and people were so complimentary! You're pretty awesome!

You have started babbling and have said "da da da da" and "ya ya ya ya" with a "ga ga" in there as well. You blow bubbles a lot and still do your high pitched squeal every now and then.

You have eaten just about every kind of vegetable and fruit we've thrown at you and you also eat chicken and beef as well. You seem to like most everything. However, this past week Mommy had to give you green beans from the store, and you made a squinty face and wouldn't eat any! I don't blame you!

You are rolling all around and when you're on your stomach you turn in circles to get what you want. You have been trying to get your knees underneath you...crawling will be soon! You can sit up for long periods of time and have started scooting while on your bottom! You LOVE to stand and while standing you jump up and down, it's just automatic for you!

You nap two times a day and sleep through the night! Hallelujah. Or as Jacob would say, "How-a-you-a!"

We love you Miss E!