Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas in California (lots of pics and videos)

Christmas is a time for family, time to gather around open gifts, eat wonderful food, and spend time enjoying how much God has given to us. We thank God for another Christmas with Jacob!

For those of you that follow the blog, I know you've been waiting for an here it goes! Beware, there are many pictures and even more that didn't get put on the blog. Also, since my sister's blog is still reflecting on Mother's day (hint hint Jamie), you can see many pictures of Audrey here! ;)

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, how lovely are your "decorations..." My parents did a great job of decorating the tree as they got ready for the family to arrive. Notice there are no presents...yet.
Josh, Jamie, and Audrey were the first to arrive in California. Both families flew in on Wednesday, December 22nd, within about an hour of each other. How fun!

GJo and Audrey trying to stay dry as they loaded their luggage into the cars. Then they headed back inside to wait for the Tuley group to arrive...

While they were waiting, Papa Bear and Audrey used an empty wheelchair to provide some entertainment.
Looks like all you need to keep a 2 and a half year old occupied is an old guy and a wheelchair. Ha! Love you Papa Bear. :)

Here's Josh, Jamie and Audrey still waiting for us...our flight was a little delayed getting into CA.

Ah...Finally. We've landed and are ready to start having fun with family!

Audrey is not too sure of Jacob...and Jacob is smiling mostly because he's so tired he doesn't know what else to do! Ha!
Our first stop once we leave the Airport...In-N-Out Burger. Yum! The kids are ready to have their first taste of the best french fries in the world! :)
We got back to my parents house and the kids found the rocking horse. My grandfather made this along with a rocking chair and baby doll cradle for us when we were little. He was very talented.
That night, my dad took Josh and Jeff to get helicopters. They got them for a steal! Much of the night and week was spent flying these "bad boys" all around the house and garage.
Thursday we went to Castle Park, a little amusement park and arcade in Riverside area. Here's a great picture of Papa Bear, GJo, Audrey, and Jacob. The grands were so happy to have their little grandchildren with them!!!!

The family playing skee-ball. We were pretty much the ONLY people there, so we had free reign! We earned LOTS of tickets...

...and with those tickets we got this stuff!?!?!?!

We rode a car ride...
and rode the Carousel... Audrey on a "blue" horsey.

Jacob and Jeff on the Carousel. So precious!

That night we had dinner at the's spaghetti on the desert rose dishes!
Cousin Stacy arrived and my good friend Alisa came over too. We ate and then went to the Mission Inn at downtown Riverside. It was lit up and beautiful. We waited in line to see Santa and even saw some elves! It was almost impossible to maneuver Jacob and Audrey in the double stroller, but Jamie did great! No accidents, but maybe a few irritated people from the crowds. Oh well! :)

Here's the family picture with Santa. It was so cute watching Audrey get excited about Santa. Everytime she saw a santa, she would say "Santa" with a loud happy voice. She even talked about asking Santa for a "Blue Horsey" for Christmas. Stay tuned to see if Santa listened....

The reindeer at the Mission Inn. Since Jacob is really into animal sounds, we asked the reindeer keeper what sound the reindeer makes. He responded with a grunt. Jacob liked that and repeated it! Cute!

Friday was Christmas Eve, and the day was full. We had family pictures planned for most of the morning, and we went to the park to take a few of those. Here's Jacob playing a little in between picture taking. :)
It's a tradition to have a candlelight service on Christmas Eve at the church where my dad preaches. Although we don't have any pictures of that service, we do have this picture of Jacob and Audrey in the car on the way home. So cute!
My sister and I decorated cookies on Chrismas Eve...while the boys...
...played KINECT. How funny!

Then of course, we had Christmas day with all the presents under the tree. What fun!
A quick family picture on Christmas morning. I love my boys!
Mom/GJo is wearing her gifts...she has a shirt tied around her neck, her new slippers on, and she's opening a gift from us. Too funny!
Audrey in her new headband and holding her "Blue Horsey" that Santa brought. The highlight of the morning was by far, the reaction that Audrey had while opening her present that contained the blue horsey. The scream was delightful and she yelled out "blue horsey, blue horsey!" Awesome!
Audrey opening her Cinderella dress!

Take a look at Jacob...he's standing on his train gift just to get to his coloring gift. Notice his loot on the couch!
Dad/Papa Bear showing off his gifts!
Audrey in her Cinderella dress. She loves princesses!
This is what Jacob decided to do once the gifts were all opened...just chillin out on the floor! What a silly boy!
We set up Jacob's ABC train and he loved it!
...and later he got to color some more. This child loves to color, draw, create, etc. How fun!

I'll leave you with a few videos from our time in CA...

This is Jacob playing with his ABC train that he got from Papa Bear and GJo. How cute!

Here's a video of Jacob opening a gift on Christmas morning. He's been using it alot since we've been home.

Here's a video of all of us at the Mission Inn on Thursday night. The lights were so pretty, and the kids were so cute in the double stroller.

The last video I will leave you with is on Christmas Eve. I didn't know mom was video-ing, but I thought it captured what our night was like after the kids went to bed! :) Jeff didn't want me to post this, so I may have to come back and take this out later, but I thought it was funny how the guys played Kinect! Don't mind the my baritone voice in the song...whenever my sister and I sing, one sings the high and the other the low, so she had started it kinda low to begin just shows my aweome range! :) Ha!!!!

Thanks for checking in with us. We had a wonderful time with family at Christmas! Hope yours was just as sweet.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Sunday night we got our first snow of the Winter Season. This is what our house looked like as we attempted to go to small group. Doesn't it look beautiful?!?!

Our backyard looked like this on Monday morning. A nice blanket of snow!

Jacob, however, didn't think the snow was so great afterall. Here he is all bundled up and ready to play in the snow. The plan was to make a snowman, but the big guy had other plans!

At the steps, ready to go back inside! Ha!

Everytime I would pick him up and walk with him out to the snow, he'd head right back to the door. Funny!

So, I decided that maybe he'd like the snow more if he saw how much Jackson loves the snow. So we went around to the backyard and got Jackson out there with us....But...Jacob just headed right for the stairs to go back inside. Ha!

I managed to get one smile out of him, but only because Jackson was running around and eating the snow. I guess Jackson is pretty funny to watch.

An attempt at a cute picture in the snow with the two boys!

Jacob's first time in the's what he really thought!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Friday night was a fun night at our house. We decorated Sugar Cookies for Christmas!
Jacob did a good job helping Mama in the kitchen with the cookie cutting. He chose a tree and a train. How cute!
A picture of Jacob's train, pre-oven.

Jacob cutting out his tree!
Once the cookies were cooked and cooled, we sat Jacob in his chair, and asked him what color he'd like for his tree. He pointed to the black. Hum...I guess I need to do a better job there.... :) Jacob loved putting the sprinkles on his cookies. He just laughed and laughed when he shook the container and all the sugar sprinkles went on his tray. Fun!

Jacob decided that he'd like to try the sprinkles make sure they were tasty enough...

The finished products! What a wonderful BLACK tree and Choo Choo train!

This is the look we get when we ask Jacob to smile. He had already put his fingers in the icing and as you can tell, he enjoyed it! Ha!
After little man went to bed, Mommy and Daddy finished decorating the other cookies. We had some serious masterpieces...

Mommy made this one for the Big Guy! He ate it last night. ;)

This was Mommy's favorite! Something about the little scarf... Fun!

Daddy also got creative...this is his black sock, with a gold toe and a hole in the heel. Ha!

Of course, Daddy had to have a train too. What a good job!

We're really enjoying this holiday season with Jacob....What a blessing!