Sunday, September 25, 2011

Where's Jacob?

When I vacuum in Jacob's room, I pile things in his bed and on his dresser so I can completely clean the floor. Jacob decided to get in bed with his stuff...

So funny!
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jacob's First 3D Movie

We took Jacob to his first 3D movie last night...The Lion King. It was great! He thought the animals were exciting, and wanted to talk throughout the whole movie, telling us everything he was seeing. Occasionally he would take the glasses off, but for the most part he did great. Plus, we thought he looked so cute wearing those 3D glasses!
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Catching up on August (part 2)

The last weekend in August was special for us because Chappy and Agga came to Nashville to be with Jacob. We did a few fun things, but the main reason for the visit was to go to the Nashville Sounds game against the Memphis Redbirds. For those of you that know us, you're probably wondering why a Sounds game and not the St. Louis Cardinals. Well...the Memphis Redbirds AAA team feeds into the Cardinals.'s like we're really supporting the team on a whole new level. :) Anyhow, we loved the visit and hope for many more to come!

No matter how hard I tried, this was the best I could get for a picture of Chappy and Agga. :)
Watching the game and eating hot dogs. Ha!

After the game we stayed and watched the fireworks go, "Boom Boom." Jacob had a great time!
Thanks Chappy and Agga for spending time with us and making such fun memories!

Catching up on August (part 1)

At the end of August one of my best friends from Pepperdine came out to visit us in Tennessee. It's shocking to think we've known each other for over 13 years... We took Jenna to many different local sites, but I am so disappointed to say that we took very few pictures. Agh! So here's some pictures we did manage to take while touring the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchberg, Tennessee.
Sitting on the porch in front of the old headquarters where all the important decisions about Tennessee Whiskey were made! :)
Jenna, me, and JD.
After the tour of JD, we went to Miss Mary BoBo's for lunch. This was such a treat! I was so happy to have Jackie with us that day so she could laugh at Jenna and me, the California girls, as we ate the fabulous southern cooking! :) I also bought the cookbook....we'll see if I can make that chess pie that was "to die for!"
I am so blessed in becoming friends with Jenna! She's an awesome Christian woman, who loves God, serves Him in all she does, and has such a zest for life. She makes me want to go out and conquer the world!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wilson County Fair

Toward the end of August, Jacob had his very first Wilson County Fair experience. He seems to have enjoyed himself, and still talks about the Ferris Wheel and the "crash and boom" of the cars at Demolition Derby. We tried to document most of his "firsts" at the fair, but we didn't get a picture of him having his first corndog or enjoying a snowcone. However, the pictures we did take, seem to capture the evening very well.

Jeff and Jacob getting close to the entrance...

The first thing we did when we got there was head to the Barrel races. Apparently, this was just the practice rounds, but Jacob still enjoyed watching the horses go around the barrels. We were able to be super close, which was fun!
A picture I got of Jacob at the barrel races...I promise...he WAS having fun! Ha!

Another shoulder ride on Daddy!

After the horse events, we went to the kids learning area. Here, Jacob learned to pump water (and play in it afterward)... pet some animals and ride a John Deer tricycle.

He also saw some chickens, and ducks, and baby chicks hatching from eggs!

He watched the pig races, and enjoyed laughing at the ducks and goats race as well.

Jacob is thinking, "Why are these people so excited about these races?"

Hilarious. I love that he's such a deep thinker!

Finally, we got a couple of tickets for the ferris wheel and Jacob rode for the first time!

A family picture on the Ferris Wheel! Yay!

Our view from the top...

After the Ferris Wheel we worked our way over to the stadiums to watch Demolition Derby. I thought Jacob would love this, because he always loves things to crash and boom, and he is especially into cars lately...but, he was a little scared with all the loud noises. Nevertheless, we stuck it out and he still refers to the "crash and boom cars." Hope we didn't traumatize him! Ha!

Overall, it was a fun night and lots of memories were made! Thanks for checking in with us! Have a blessed day!

Friday, September 2, 2011

It's the Simple Things...

Jacob has always enjoyed books, but lately, his love of books has transferred from us reading them to him, to his "independent" reading. His favorites include, Go Dog Go and Hooray for Henry. Every other week we go to the library and pick out new books, and after reading them together a few times, he knows the jist of the pages. And so, many times during the day we will find him sitting in the rocking chair reading his "wi-berry" books, even during naptime. I have to admit, that as a former elementary school teacher, hearing him read is music to my ears!!!

Saying, "The End!"

Another one of Jacob's new found "loves" is beads! He asks multiple times a day to "play beads." I bought this box of beads from our church sale (another $3 find) and he will play for a least 15-20 minutes independently with these beads! For a 2 year old, I think he's got absolutely wonderful fine motor skills (whoever thought we needed occupational therapy, HA!). Often, when he has put a few beads on the string, he will call out to me, "Mommy, Look! Tall it is!" Then he proceeds to bring the string to me, holding it by the end, way up in the air. He is so proud, even when it's only two beads! Ha!

The teacher in me will sit down with him and talk about patterns, shapes and colors, and large and small, and will often sound like an open thesaurus as I use words like enormous, gigantic, or miniature, and tiny for their more simple word counterparts.

It is in these everyday, simple activities, that I am reminded of how much joy I receive in being a part of each day with Jacob. I realize that right now, Jacob wants me to be doing everything with him, and it may not always be that way. For now, not one hour goes by that he is not calling out to me in some form or fashion. I hear my name (Mommy) and, as his parent, gladly participate in his life with him. I think about how much God delights in us, and when we come to Him and ask Him to join with us in our everyday, simple activities, just how much Joy that brings Him! Imagine how my life would be upwardly focused if I relied on Him every hour of every day and asked Him to participate with's convicting, I know!