Friday, January 14, 2011

January Journals: Day 14

Let's talk about DEON...shall we?!?!?!?
This is Deon. (If you would like to know a full history of Deon the monkey you can read his history at the bottom of this post.)
This is where Deon lives...
This is what happens to Deon each and every day, throughout the day!

Jacob loves his "Deon!"
This is how Jacob shows "Deon" just how much he loves him...going in for the KILL...

Jacob says, "I got-cha where I want-cha, and now I'm gonna eat-cha!" We realize this is a little bit nasty. In fact, ALOT nasty. But, what do you do? Deon's face is soaked most of the time. Ewwwww!

Oh, No! Poor Deon, he got dropped on the floor! Jackson can't believe it!

Whew! Ok, Deon you're safe now! Jacob gives Deon some hugs!

We put Deon back where he belongs, safe and sound.

Bye Bye Deon. Until next time!
The History of Deon...
Deon is a monkey, Jacob's favorite stuffed animal/sleeping buddy. He got his name from Jacob. One day, when Jacob's mommy was putting Jacob down for a nap, she couldn't find his monkey. At that time, Deon was not Deon, he was just "monkey," real creative, I know. So, Jacob's mommy realized that Jacob was looking around in his bed for monkey, and so she started calling out for "monkey." Jacob thought this was very very funny and began laughing as his mommy was searching the room and calling out for his monkey. Through his laughter, Jacob said, "Deon," which his mommy really believed was him saying, "that one," but it sounded so funny to Jacob's mommy that she decided Jacob had named the monkey Deon and that she would go around the house yelling for "Deon," the monkey. This made Jacob laugh even harder, which Jacob's mommy thought was pretty cute. Jacob's mommy searched the house and found "Deon" in the guest bedroom and returned him to his rightful spot, with Jacob for naptime. Thus, Deon became Deon, and Jacob sleeps peacefully knowing that Deon is safe and sound as he falls asleep biting his face!


  1. This is the cutest thing ever....

  2. Our son Silas has the same monkey. It is his absolute favorite also. We actually bought a couple of spares, but he always chooses the original(somewhat nasty by now in my opinion..always puts it in his mouth too) one. Too funny!