Monday, January 24, 2011

January Journals: Day 24

As's the pictures of Jacob playing in the plastic bin. Yesterday I was cleaning the house a little and opened this bin to put away his puzzles, etc. He thought it would be fun to be inside for a while. I showed him how to get in, and this is what happened...
"Ha! I'm in! This plastic is smooth."
Jacob thinking, "This is pretty funny!"
Jacob saying, "Cheese" Look what I did! Momma thinking, "Please don't lean too far, you'll fall!"
Jacob decided that he'd attempt getting out of the bin all by himself...
"If I stick my tongue out I'll be able to reach farther..."
Once he was out, he decided to see what the bin looked like from the inside-out. Of course, you know Jackson had to be close to "supervise" the action!

Hey Mom! Look at me!
Stay tuned for more adventures of Jacob, the master of the plastic bin!

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  1. Happy second miracle year Jacob! I know it's a day early, but I wanted to let you know so many of your fans wish you many many more healthy years to come!!