Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Day of Pre-K

It's hard to believe that our Miracle Boy is in Pre-Kindergarten!

Jacob, we are so proud of you!  You have grown up so much in the last year!  You are SO SMART!  You are reading!  Yes, that's right, at 4 1/2 years old you are reading Biscuit books and some easy readers.  It's totally unbelievable to me!  You know how to write your name and most of the alphabet, you understand time (thanks to all the clocks in the family) and you love numbers, especially as they relate to clocks, elevators, and airplane tail numbers.  You like to jump around and play outside, especially when it involves swinging a bat at a ball.  You are so independent and love to say, "I do it my own."  So big!  We are so honored to be your parents and we can't wait to see how God works in you this year!

Orange backpack...

Sweet smile!
We had to get one with Elizabeth!
On the front step...
First day of school with Ms. Kelly.
Thanks for checking in with us!  Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1 year old!

Beautiful Elizabeth!  You are one year old!  We are so in love with you and the little person God made you to be!  Each day we are seeing new and wonderful things in you.  We are honored to be your parents.
You are doing so many new things.  I am writing this blog post a week and a half after your actual birthday, but I think it's still okay to say that you are WALKING!  Wow!  It's amazing actually.  Watching how easily you stand up on your own, and confidently take's so marvelous.  You had taken a couple of steps toward Daddy last week, but you weren't really intentional about it, so I didn't count it.  But, just the other day you took a few steps, then a few more, and now the count is about 8 steps in a row before you tumble down to the ground.  Precious!
You are sleeping great!  You still sleep from 8pm to about 6:30 or 7am each day, without waking.  Yay!  I think you hear Jacob get up (who is an early, early riser!) and you are ready to get to playing.  :)  You made the transition to sippy cup and whole milk like a champ!  You also began eating table foods in the last month.  You have started to show us a few preferences, especially when it comes to vegetables.  Just about the only vegetable I can get to you eat is broccoli.  You love anything with bread, cheese, or sugar.  Ha!
We took you to the doctor for your 12 month check up and you were 30 inches and 18lbs 13 oz.  You're in the 75-90% in height, and 25-50% in weight.  You are great!
You are consistently saying DaDa and MaMa.  We think you are saying, "yeah" and "there" and one time I thought I heard you say, "did it."  But I haven't heard it again, so maybe not.  Ha!  You definitely understand more than you can express.  You are following simple commands, like "Put your foot down," or "Hands up," and, "Give it to me." 
You like to climb on just about anything, and you are so proud of yourself when you do something independently.  You are such a joy and we love loving you!  Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!
Birthday biscuit at the Loveless Café!
First Birthday rose from Chappy and Agga!
Birthday dinner at home with Papa and G-Jo.
Birthday dinner on the "You are Special" plate!

Saturday, August 10, 2013


In the beginning of August we went to Lubbock to visit my sister and her family.  Jamie and Josh had "recently" relocated there so that Josh could attend preaching school.  He will finish in May of 2014, and we wanted to make sure that we had a chance to visit them before graduation. we went to Lubbock.  I can tell you, there's not much in Lubbock!  But, who needs much when you are around family!
Jacob and Elizabeth had fun playing with their cousins and doing new things!  We went to Jumpin Jungle and Science Spectrum, did a wood building project, and visited the school where Josh is attending!  It was a great trip!  Enjoy the pictures!
Our attempt at a cousins picture while at Jumpin Jungle.  At least they are all somewhat looking at the camera!  Ha!
My beautiful sister holding the babies!
Playing in Shelby's room...
Project time.  Josh and Jamie purchased these woodcraft projects while on their international mission trip.  They got Jacob an airplane and Audrey a doll.  The dads got to paint, hammer, and glue...and I got to sew some doll clothes!  :)
Playing with the magnetic sculpture area at Science Spectrum.
Vroom! Vroom!
Of course Jacob was most excited about this part of the science center...AIRPLANES!

Crazy Faces!

Thanks for checking in with us!  Have a blessed day!