Saturday, January 15, 2011

January Journals: Day 15

Jacob is really into puzzles lately. We decided to put them into large ziploc bags and teach him to open the bag, get the pieces out, and clean up by putting them back in the bag. This way we don't lose many pieces. So here's Jacob working on a puzzle this morning. Yes, he's in Christmas jammies...our theory on that is...if they still fit, we're wearing them regardless of the season. Ha!

Putting the train (Locomotive) in first.
Hey Dad, how am I doing so far?
"Ha Ha! I did the airplane all by myself!!!"
Concentrating...making it fit just right takes alot of thought!
The last piece...
and....the last piece goes there! Great job Jacob!

I love these chunky puzzles by Melissa and Doug. They're great!


  1. hey,
    it was great seeing you guys today! jacob looked great. i'm so happy for you. thank you so much for our're a sweet, sweet family. love, christina hillin

  2. Sam likes these puzzles too. Remind me to pull these out for Jacob next small group :-)