Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Still Breathing...

So far, Jacob is still vent free! We have made it through two whole days and he still looks pretty comfortable. His lungs sound like they are exchanging gases well. At times he looks like he is breathing more frequently than normal, so we are keeping an eye on that. The last time we came off the vent Jacob was constantly working hard; breathing 80 times a minute on average without ever slowing down. A normal infant will breathe anywhere between 30-60 times in a minute, so that's what we're shooting/praying for!

As far as feeding is concerned, we have been making some improvements there too! Yay! Jacob is still getting 12cc's every three hours (it's less than half an ounce) but he is doing a much better job of moving the milk through. We have not had to skip a feed since Monday evening, this means that Jacob's stomach and intestines are beginning to wake up! We still have a long way to go, but it's a start. A full feeding is around 70cc's every three hours, but we're working on it! Thanks for the prayers...keep them coming!

I caught this picture today of Jacob, it's a semi-smile. But, I thought it was too cute with his hands up by his face. What a precious gift that God has given to us.


  1. that smile is because he is sooo happy to be off the vent!

  2. What a cutie-pie !!!!! We are happy to hear of Jacob's progress, we will continue to pray.

  3. So glad to hear Jacob is showing some improvement. That's great. These are all steps in the right direction! I'll continue to keep your family in my prayers.

    Laura ( friend of Ryan)

  4. Now that the vent is gone you can really see how adorable your little guy is! Continuing my prayers for Jacob and his family.
    Your Blog Friend,

  5. That's a good lookin' kid you've got there. Is he a Cardinal's fan yet?

    Hoping and praying the best for y'all,


  6. You have such a beautiful little boy!! God is GREAT isn't he!! To give gifts sooo perfect! Jacob is such a ball of strength! I love hearing how he continues to improve by the day!! What a BLESSING!! I will continue to pray for Jacob and you both!

  7. Praise the Lord!! Still praying!! He is just so pretty!! Love reading your blog, part of my day!! God Bless!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your story about Jacob. It's a blessing to see one of God's miracles in the making. He's beautiful and my God keep on blessing us all while he grows up!