Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Family Time!

Gramma Tuley came up when Jacob came off the vent to help us out. This was one way we thanked her for all that she does for us! :) What a special treat for Jacob (and Gramma).
This is Uncle Buh and Aunt Benny (Jon and Jenny) spending the afternoon with Jacob. They read a book to him and laughed as he was learning how to turn his head.
Papa Bear and Gramma Jo came for Easter to spend time with Jacob. They had a great time watching his "numbers."

Papa Bear holding Jacob and reading a story to him.

What a precious face...

Update on Jacob:

We're doing well. Jacob is down to 3 liters on the Vapotherm. He's still eating and tolerating full feeds. He is almost 11 pounds, real weight. He had extra fluid weight earlier that he got rid of and now we are gaining real weight. We need him to continue in that direction to help grow more lung too. He still has alot of mucus in his chest that he is learning how to cough up and get rid of, but more prayers for that would be great too!

Thank you for continued prayers. Jacob continues to be evidence that God is working miracles.


  1. what a growing guy he is! praise be to God.

  2. :-) Go Jacob Go! He is too cute. :-) Glad to see he had some nice visits with family. Many prayers coming your way.

  3. I just want to squeeze him, he is so cute. I am glad he is doing so well and will keep praying for him to continue to do well. I love all of the pictures. Love and Prayers!

  4. I love it!! He is adorable!! Makes you want to jump in the picture and just squeeze him!! Continued prayers for Jacob!! May God Bless !!

    Sissy Glover
    (Kristy Mallory's friend)

  5. What beautiful family pictures. My heart is overflowing with joy and gratitude to our most Precious and Awesome Lord. What great things He has done! Jacob is just the cutest little boy, I too just want to squeeze and hug him. God is so good! We will continue to pray and believe for even more miracles. Love to you all.
    Aunt Vicki

  6. praise God!!! we are so excited to hear all your good news. I can't beieve how big jacob is getting!!! love all the family pictures!!!

  7. These pictures are just so sweet. Our God is amazing. Jacob just keeps growing and getting stronger each day, you can see him listening! All my love

  8. Still praying for you all. God continues to be mindful of you and your desires and is generously granting them. I appreciate your perseverance and continuing to let us share in your journey.
    God's continued blessings on you!
    Holly (Angie's mom)