Monday, March 30, 2009

If at first you don't succeed...try again!

Jacob is on Vapotherm and breathing without the vent! PRAISE GOD!!!

The doctors made the decision this morning to give Jacob another shot at breathing on his own. Right now, he looks really good. He is not breathing too heavily, his heart rate is within normal ranges, and he looks comfortable. They are going to take an X-Ray and blood gas to make sure he is exchanging gases well and that he is not over or under inflated. We have to make it through a week before anyone will be sure that Jacob won't need the vent again, but I am hopeful today! He is so cute without a tape mustache! :)

Keep praying that Jacob will STAY OFF the vent this time and that his lungs will continue to function to the BEST of their ability. Pray that we won't get pneumonia again and that Jacob will be able to show everyone what he and God are made of!

Although we are still having feeding issues, and Jacob is not moving food through like the doctors would want, they feel confident that Jacob is moving in the right direction and will get there eventually with feeds. Here's some other pictures I took of him this morning before we came off the vent.

A couple more things to pray specifically for:

1) That Jacob will begin to swallow. He has not been swallowing his saliva and secretions, which if he throws those up, could cause us to aspirate again.

2) That Jacob's lungs will GO GO GO!!!

3) That he will move the milk through his body and begin going up on feeds.

Thank you so much for all the prayers. Thank you for hanging in there with us as we fight with Jacob for life! God is good!


  1. Praise the Lord!!!! I am passing the word on to my Sunday School class now so more prayers will be prayed. Love and lots of prayers!!!

  2. wow Jacob is so beautiful !!! We are so excited for his progress. We continue to pray for Jacob's lungs, his swallowing and his digestive system. God is so good, He obviously loves Jacob very much.

  3. He is beautiful and awe-inspriring!!

  4. yea!! I saw the title of this posting and got super excited!!! I know Jacob is going to be strong with God's help!

  5. that top picture absolutely melts my heart!

  6. He is the cutest thing EVER! Soooo adorable! We're still praying for that sweet baby boy!

  7. AWESOME!!! We're still prayin!!

  8. I'm soo happy to hear little Jacob is vent free again! What a BLESSING!! I can't believe how big he's getting already! I will continue praying that your little guy stays strong and he continues to progress every day! What a little miracle child you have!! That first picture of him....he looks JUST LIKE HIS MOMMY ;) What a CUTIE!! Jacob is always in my thoughts as are the both of you! God is GOOD...Jacob will get through this soon! I just know it!

  9. He is so beautiful. Really. What a little miracle! We will lift those specifics up to our Loving Father!

    the Brednichs

  10. He is beautiful and we will continue to pray. He is getting so big!!!

  11. Those are the sweetest pictures! We are praying, praying, praying! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!
    What a blessing your Jacob is to so many!! I love your blog!!


  12. John & Julie

    What a great looking son. I pray for continued success, His Lungs will GROW, He will EAT MORE, what a faith journey, what a testimony to your faith and the sovernty of God. God is so GOOD..
    The little Miracle Man........
    Mike Mack

  13. what a big boy!! he looks so good off the vent!! we will keep on praying.

  14. He is more adorable every day! So cute! I'm praying for those lungs and the feeding issues!!
    amy maze

  15. We will continue to pray as you continue to fight! He is so adorable and what a joy it is to see him without the vent tubing in place. Hang in there!!!
    Jessica Cook (Woodmont)

  16. He is SO adorable! Keep posting the pictures.

    This evening I'll ask the ladies' class to pray for him.