Friday, April 3, 2009

5 days and 24ccs

That's right, 5 days of Jacob breathing on his own (with the help of vapotherm) and up to 24 ccs of milk every three hours! YAY Jacob! YAY God!

We are so thankful for the progress that Jacob has made in the past few days and grateful to God for continuing to bless us with Jacob and his life. However, it has not been all peaches and cream for us in these past five days (we are in the NICU and riding the roller coaster, of course). Jacob's right lung is still small and underdeveloped, so he breathes faster than a normal infant would. Yesterday we noticed that his breathing had increased (80-90 times a minute) and his heart rate was up as well (180-190). They did an X-Ray and found that his right lung had partially collapsed. They turned up some of his support on Vapotherm for two hours and laid him on his left side for the night, so that his right lung would be up. Within 12 hours Jacob had recruited the right lung back to its original size (half the size of his left, still small). We're encouraged by this!

We need continued prayers that Jacob's right lung will get stronger and stronger as he grows and that we can stay away from the vent. Doctors have told us that a child's lungs can develop up to the age of 8, which means that Jacob could be able to breathe easier as he gets older, but we need to continue to recruit more and more lung on his right side. The little amount of right lung he has is amazing, considering that his ENTIRE LIVER was in his chest. Maybe one day we can show you x-rays from his birth to now...What a testimony that God can do miracles. But, we still ask for more.

We are doing better on feeds, but still a long way away from full feeds. We are up to 24ccs every three hours (a little less than an ounce). A full feed is 70-80ccs every three hours. Each day the doctors will increase his feeds by 5 or 6 ccs if Jacob does well. The faster we can get to full feeds, the sooner Jacob can come off the IV fluids. Keep praying, it's working! :)


  1. Wow, what a beautiful baby boy!! Thank you so much for sharing your and Jacob's miracle. I am a friend of Karla Mathis who shared your story with our Bible study group. It never ceases to amaze me what power prayer has. Just wanted you to know we are all praying for God's continued touch on Jacob's healing and growth. Keep your faith strong and know that your precious son is touching people he doesn't even know. May God continue to lift you all up through the valleys and celebrate each victory! Praise be to our Perfect Physician! And keep the pics coming!!

    In God's love,
    Christi Ford

  2. This is soo amazing to hear! I'm just soo excited for Jacob's continued improvements! I will continue praying for Jacob!! I'm always thinking of your little guy!! I know God will continue to get you all through this and before you know it....Jacob will be sleeping in his own bed! God is Good!! Stay Strong! We're all praying!!

  3. It's amazing to see what a beautiful job that God has done. I know that you and Jeff must be physically and mentally exhausted, but wow...look how much you have and how far that you have come. I think of you daily, and continue to pray for you and Jacob. We love you!!
    Sheri Harnist & Kids

  4. It is a constant testimony of God's hand in Jacob's healing! We are so excited that he is continuing to progress and of course, we will continue to bring his name to our Lord! Continue to hang in there!
    In Him,
    Jessica Cook

  5. Oh, what wonderful news! Your sweet Jacob is so Precious. I am constantly reminded of how Great Our God is and His faithfulness endures forever. HE IS ABLE! May His presence, peace and encouragement continue to abide with you all. We continue to pray for Jacob and rejoice over every progress he makes singing...look what the Lord has done!
    Our love to you all,
    Uncle Steve and Aunt Vicki

  6. We continue to be encouraged by Jacob's determination and God's power on his behalf! Thanks for giving us specific direction for what to pray for, we are believing with you that God will completely rebuild his right lung. And thanks for posting the ADORABLE pics, Jacob is absolutely beautiful, I can only imagine his outside matches his inside! :)

    Love you guys,

  7. I was just browsing others blogs and found your so inspirational. I thought I'm a sad person for running away from my little probs. But seeing your courage and determination to live happy and full lives. I was really touched by the your stories about jacob. I'll read more of you posts. I'm new to this blogging thing. but anyhooo. I'll pray for jacob, a wonderful gift you had and to you guys with great beautiful minds. :) kisses!