Saturday, January 28, 2012

January Journals: Day 28

Football Party

Ever since we went to a birthday party for a friend back in November, Jacob has been talking about his 3 year party.  Originally, he said he wanted an "Orange" party and I was unsure how we would pull that off.  But, luckily for us, he changed his mind and wanted a football party.  Thank you Jacob for picking something that would be totally easy to decorate (since the Super Bowl is right around the corner).  Ha!  So here's the pictures from his "Football Party!"

Balloon tied to the pants...just like last year! 

Chocolate covered strawberries made to look like footballs!

Some of our Handy helpers!  :) 

Uncle Buh being the ring toss game...  Ha!


The football cake

Opening presents and cards.  This card was a HIT!


Eating his cupcake, from the bottom!  Ha!  He turned it upside down and ate the cake part first!
Happy 3rd Birthday, Jacob!

Until tomorrow...

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  1. I'm AMAZED that you got any pictures without our little one hogging the spotlight :)