Thursday, January 12, 2012

January Journals: Day 12

SNOW!  That's right, we had our first snow of the season! 
It was so fun to see Jacob's face as he watched the snow fall and watched Jackson play and eat the snow.  Maybe he will like the snow this year, as apposed to last year in this post...  Ha!

Jacob and Jackson looking out the window at the falling snow.

Saying, "Snow!"

Jackson is eagerly waiting for that sliding glass door to be opened...Jacob is too.

This is what Jackson does with the snow...Eats it!

And this is what Jacob thinks of Jackson eating snow!  Ha!

Jacob is trying to reach out and touch the snow.

There were some good size flakes and this picture does a better job than the others at capturing that...

Cute smile to go with a cute, cute, boy!

Until tomorrow...

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