Monday, January 2, 2012

January Journals: Day 2

You've got it!  We're POTTY TRAINING!  Can I just say that I am so proud of this guy!  He's doing really well.  For the first time today, he told us beforehand that he needed to go number 2...and he DID it in the POTTY!  It was a huge success!  However, I can also say that this is not my favorite part of parenting.  Yuck.  :)

I asked him to show me his potty.

So proud of being a big boy!
Have a great day!  Until tomorrow...


  1. Jamie and Jeff--so lovely to see all you and the Christmas pics were so much fun! And, I am thrilled that you got to see your new niece, Shelby--what a cutie! I pray for all of the Tuley's, Winklers and Lopez's for the new year! Love, Claudia Sangster

  2. Way to go Jacob! I am excited it is time for January Journals.