Saturday, January 21, 2012

January Journals: Day 21

Coal Train Railroad

Today we went to see a local music group called Coal Train Railroad.  They are a kids jazz band, and perform all around, but we've always seen them at the Library.  They're great!

G-Jo and Jacob waiting for the show to start.

Singing the song about getting our wiggles out.  Ha.  Kids were dancing all over the place!

Watching the show, Jacob is getting his wiggles out...out of his hands, that is.  :)

Another look at the band.  So fun!
P.S.  For those of you that have been looking every day for an update, I truly appologize!!!  Jacob's followers are going to hate me!  Ha!  We've been super busy!  But, I hope the next few posts will make it up to you! 

Until tomorrow...

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