Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Look at that tongue!

I think he's gonna be a great reader!

Jacob is really making some progress in his strength building and mobility. He's not quite strong enough to move while in the crawling position, but if we hold up his chest or rear end, he sees the potential and will turn toward whatever it is that he wants. Our PT says that by holding him up, it's allowing him to be mobile and helping him with the skills he needs while he's still building his strength. He's also begun to try to pull himself up in his crib, on furniture, etc. He can't get all the way up on his own, but he gets to his knee, and then straightens out his other leg. This is what it looks like...

We're so proud of our little miracle! :) Every milestone reached makes us more and more sure that God is keeping Jacob in the palm of His hand and he WILL catch up completely. Jacob has always done things his way, so why would he stop now...
This is a really short video of Jacob getting out of the sitting position to his belly. He's doing this more and more lately, and sometimes he will land on his knees in the crawling position and then go down to his belly. It's all GREAT progress! He can also go from laying on his side, to sitting up unassisted, but no video of that just yet.

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for checking in with us and for your continued prayers.



  2. God surely has special plans for your little Jacob. Love your blog. Barbara Jones