Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good Dogs!?!

No, we didn't get another dog... We've been dog sitting "Bella" for a few days and it's been really fun for Jacob, Jackson, and I think it's been fun for Bella. For the most part, Jacob just watches them walk/run around the house following each other. As I type this, believe it or not, they're all asleep. Jackson and Bella are laying beside me, and Jacob is asleep in his crib. Wow, this is peaceful! Here's a few pictures with my captions for added effect!

Jacob says, "Wait a minute, there's two?"

"Good Dog, Jackson!"

"Good Dog, Bella!"

"Now what are we going to do?"

As far as an update...Jacob had a doctors appointment yesterday that went fairly well. He got his 1 year shots (BOO) and an RSV shot (another BOO)! He didn't do to well with them this time...he was inconsolable for about 5-10 minutes and did not want to be put down. I've never seen his face get that RED!!! He is recovering, but has a fever and seems fussy, just normal stuff after shots. But, good news is that Jacob's lungs sound clear and he's growing really well. His height was a staggering 33 1/4 inches (99th percentile) and weight was 25 lbs even (72nd percentile). He continues to be long and lean, like his daddy! Good thing! :)

His development continues to make progress. He is getting stronger, it just seems slow to me because I work with him everyday. But, for people that only see him every so often, he seems to be doing something new all the time. He's standing well and finding his balance. He can pull himself up by holding onto our hands, but no pulling up on furniture yet (whew, thank you!). He rolls back and forth more and more, making sure to get whatever toy he desires. He continues to rotate around on his belly, and earlier this week he turned himself around, to see the television, while sitting on his bottom. Quite funny to watch actually. :) He can "take steps" while we hold him up, but sometimes he just picks both feet up and laughs. We "walk" up and down the hallway, stopping every 14 feet so we can bring the oxygen concentrator closer, then do it again. He laughs as Jackson tries to follow us. He bangs things together, moves constantly, uses fingers to poke things, and bounces his ball to Jackson and me. He plays "BONK" (we bonk heads together and laugh) and can give a high five. His "words" are still in the developing mode, but he jabbers alot, especially when a book is in his hands. He has gotten 3 of his 4 molars in the last week, and continues to put everything in his mouth.

Many people ask what the prognosis is for Jacob in the future... Once we catch up developmentally (by 2 or 3 yrs), the doctors say that Jacob will look like any other kid. The only things we have to worry about are re-herniating, respiratory illnesses, and possible bowel problems. Because Jacob's diaphragm was patched with gortex, the doctors will monitor when/if that patch comes loose. Many CDH kids have had as many as 4 or 5 re-herniations. So, we're on the look out for issues related to that. Also, because CDH kids have had their intestines in their chest, many times there are related issues with digestion, bowel problems, etc. So, we're not totally "free," but we're blessed so far by all the progress Jacob has made and continues to make.

Thanks for checking in with us. Have a blessed day! Ephesians 3:20-21.


  1. Sam is sitting here with me looking at the pictures. He keeps saying "What's Jacob doing" as he is petting the dogs. Thanks again for taking such good care of Bella while we were gone. We can't wait to return the favor to you guys at some point.

  2. Bella melts my heart! I love Boxers and she is adorable.

    I'm thrilled to hear the Jacob update and hear that he's doing so well. That one year check-up with all those shots was a tough one for us, too. He's such a handsome little boy.