Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cabinets! Who knew?

Who knew that cabinets could be so much fun! Jacob discovered how to open and close the cabinets the other day while in the kitchen. His little tongue was out and his fingers were working hard at his new skill. :)
Check out the smile on his face and the crossed ankles. He's so CUTE!

Just a quick update on Jacob: He's doing well. He's able to get from the sitting position to the crawling position, and can rock back and forth on his hands and knees. He's pretty close to crawling...by pretty close, I mean that I think it will be a month, but that's closer than he has ever been. :) He's been pulling his oxygen off his face more and more lately. I think he's telling us that he doesn't need it. Yay! We go in for our sleep study on April 9th, and we'll find out shortly after that about what we can do with the oxygen.
Jacob has a few cute things he's doing lately. When he gets really excited about something, he will squeeze his hands into really tight fists and tighten every muscle in his body with a smile on his face. It's pretty funny. Also, he has begun to put his bottom lip up over his top lip and shake his head. Then there's also the crossing of the ankles. He does this all the time.
On another note, Jacob has been having really bad separation anxiety lately. Sometimes I can't even leave the room to put laundry away or else he begins screaming. We're in trouble!!!
Thanks for checking in with us. Have a great day!


  1. maybe it's something in the nashville water...ellie jane has been the same way...it can wear you out!!! i still want to get together and ellie jane has not been snotty any more. she doesn't have a fever, just snotty. i think it's teething. jacob is the cutest and i can totally see the tensing of every muscle with a smile!!!

  2. It sure was good to see Jacob in person at North Atlanta a couple of weeks ago. He is just beautiful ! Enjoy every minute!!!

  3. He's adorable. Simple as that.