Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Date Nights...

That's right. It's official. We have turned a new leaf, and left Jacob for not ONE, but TWO date nights. Our first date since bringing Jacob home from the hospital was spent getting dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse and seeing the movie Avatar in 3D. We were lucky enough to have one of Jacob's primary nurses offer to play with Jacob while we went "out on the town!" Thank you so much Yvonne! We love you!

Here's our attempt at being silly...

Our second date was spent in Atlanta, GA attending a Michael Buble concert. Oh....what a night! Our seats were on the floor in the back, and we loved every minute of the entertainment. We left Jacob with Uncle Biggie and Aunt Jenny (Jon had to go out of town). Thanks so much for watching your nephew! He had a blast! (more on that later)

Here's a picture of the stage as we wait for his entrance.

This is a picture of Michael Buble entertaining the masses with his amazing voice and good sense of humor.

AND.....since we had seats on the floor....we were able to get this picture when he came out into the crowd and stood on another stage in the middle of the floor. We left our seats to get these close up images. He was literally 20 feet away. :) Yay!

But....one question you might have in regards to this post is...."How did Jacob do while you were gone?"

Well...apparently, Jacob knows the difference between "Dad and Mom," and "babysitters" and is not afraid to push the limits. As I type this post, Jacob is sleeping peacefully, as he always does every night starting at 8:00PM. However, for his babysitters, Jacob does not think that sleep is such a good idea! :) Rather than sleep, he wants to kick his feet all around to make the SAT monitor alarm non-stop, and while he's at it, he tries to pull on the cord so that it comes completely loose. Also, instead of staying on his back and falling right to sleep, he decides to do some pelvic thrusting (sorry no video of that one) and rolling around in his crib while singing and talking to himself. Of course, when the babysitters go into the bedroom to silence the alarm, they look at Jacob, and what does he do....place a HUGE grin on his face and laugh. It's almost as though he was saying....I know I am winning!!!!!! :) What a goof!

Thanks for checking in with us. Have a great day!

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