Friday, March 26, 2010

14 Months!

Wow...another month gone...where did it go?

Our Big Guy is growing so much lately. We haven't had any recent measurements, so we don't know how much he weighs or how long he is...but I'm sure he's getting bigger, because he's HEAVY!!!! He "understands" more and more each day and we're having so much fun with him. We can tell him to push his arm through his sleeve, and he does it. We tell him to cough, and he does it. We ask him to give something to us, and he does. :) It's amazing how quickly they learn!

He LOVES books (especially getting them off the shelf above his changing table). He likes grabbing and playing with cords of all kinds (especially his oxygen tube). He also enjoys opening cabinets, throwing, and chewing on anything.

Lately, he has started "hugging" us. He will be playing, and then turn to us and wrap his arms around us. It's precious! :) MELT.MY.HEART! I hope that skill doesn't go away anytime soon. :)

He is down to one nap a day, about 2 hours. But the magical part is that he sleeps through the night, from 8PM to about 8AM. We have no advice to hand out on that part, other than the night nurses in the NICU getting him on that of the PERKS we got from staying in the hospital. I guess it had many benefits for us! :)

We can't believe how much he's changing and how much we smile when we're around him. He's an amazing kid and we're thankful to God for every day that we have with him.

Here's some pictures from the week. We went on a walk this week and enjoyed the warmer weather. Also, since Baseball season (Spring Training) has begun, we thought we'd sport a Cardinals hat. He kept it on the entire walk until we got home in the garage...then he began to take it off. Funny!

Jacob also loves to get into things right when you turn your back for a second. Anyone else have this problem???? :) I had left him for literally 30 seconds and forgot to move things out of his reach. SO...he got the yogurt container and WENT TO TOWN on the yogurt. We had yogurt everywhere! And he was pretty happy about it! :)

Thanks for checking in with us today. Remember: While we are celebrating Jacob's amazing story and enjoying him now, there are many children currently fighting for their lives in NICUs all around the country and many that are preparing for a long stay in the NICU because of similar congenital problems. Stop for a second and say a prayer for the many families whose lives are affected this way. Count your blessings daily!

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  1. I just found Jacob's blog through a Facebook friend and wanted to say hi. My daughter Claire was born in 2007 with CDH ( and we currently live in Nashville. I still follow lots of other CDH babies' blogs and cheer them on!