Friday, July 31, 2009

Today Jacob spent some time outside and in the sunroom. I was able to snap some cute pics of our cutie patootie. In case you're wondering, he's STARING at the fan in the sunroom. He was so amazed at how fast it was spinning.
Looks like somebody is practicing sitting up...we're working on giving Jacob opportunities to put pressure on his arms and helping him learn how to balance himself. He's making progress.

Jackson jumped up on the couch and started licking Jacob's hand as I was taking pictures. This is what I caught... Jacob seems to be saying, "Do you see this?" Jackson loves Jacob, and Jacob loves Jackson.

Something made Jacob light up...not sure what it was, but it made for a great picture!!!

Thanks for checking in on us! May you be blessed today!


  1. Hey guys! Jacob looks WONDERFUL! I am glad he is doing so well! Give him a hug from me! Take care! Praying that everything keeps going great!

    nurse emily

  2. Those pictures are just adorable!! Jacob looks soo good! We continue to pray for his progress. God sure is good.

  3. All the pictures are sooo precious Jacob is adorable. I love the one with Jackson licking his hand, so sweet. Every time I look at the new pictures the miracles that God has done for your precious son come flooding back. How Great is our God! and How Great is His Faithfulness! I continue to lift dear sweet Jacob before the Lord and thank Him for His goodness.
    I love you all dear family.
    Aunt Vicki

  4. I gotta keep tryin to post comments. Just love the pics. He is adorable. We will pray for those miracles Julie. I love you so much, and you both are such wonderful parents. Thanks Jeff for being such a wonderful son! Justin and Lindy Pardee are delivering Titus today, so we are waiting to here that Ron and Cyndi are grandparents. Bye for now

  5. Hello Jacob, You are looking so good. I'll be coming to see you soon.

  6. Can he possiably get any cuter?! Can't wait to I finally get to meet him in person, hopefully before he starts to walk!!LOL! I know that you enjoying staying at home with him, believe me the time flies by fast!! Jackson starts school in a few days!!


  7. WOW look at Jacob grow! Such a sweet post about your guy.

  8. I absolutely love that picture of Jacob and Jackson...I can see them in a few years sitting the same way doing the same thing! Very precious!!! You all are doing such a good job encouraging Jacob and giving him the opportunities to grow and gain strength as he needs them! We continue to pray for you all and that continues to pile his blessings on you and Jacob!!! He is so adorable!!!