Thursday, July 9, 2009

Giggles with Gramma Jo

My mom came all the way from California to spend a couple weeks with Jacob. They had the best time together. He really thought she was something special. She got some giggles out of him, and had him smiling often. Here are some special pictures of them together, and a video that shows just how much she could make him giggle, even with something so simple as saying her "name."

Gramma Jo's first time holding Jacob. What a special day for both of them!
Rocking and Singing with Gramma Jo...see the smile???

Here's the video of Jacob and Gramma Jo. How fun!
Jacob on the 4th of July.
Chris and Lois Ehlers (family on Jeff's side) gave this onesie to Jacob. The shirt says, "Hometown Hero" and I would have to agree...he's our Hero anyways! On the 4th we didn't go anywhere and see fireworks, not that you could in Nashville, it was raining, but maybe next year Jacob can get a real taste of what that day is all about!

The home health nurse came to see Jacob today. (She comes every two weeks) Jacob weighed a whopping 16 lbs. 4 oz. and 27 inches long. What a big boy! She listened to his lungs and said they were very clear, that was a great sign. We have an appointment with Pulmonology at Vanderbilt on July 24th to check his heart and pulomonary hypertension. This appointment will also tell us more about how long we will need the oxygen. Please continue to pray for that appointment.
Thanks for checking in on us. May you be blessed today!
P.S. Thank you to all the teachers at A.Z.Kelley for the card and money that you collected for Jacob. It meant so much that you were praying for us. I plan on using it to keep our diapers stocked in the house! :) I can't believe how fast you go through those things!


  1. What a handsome little man! Julie, you sure do look like your mom. Still praying for you!
    Love you,

  2. Jacob is SO awesome. Once again, just seeing you all today FILLED me with joy. Love you guys!

  3. Same here...there were many tears of joy as you all stood at church! Jacob is a hero in our hearts as well...such a strong little angel. Praise God! We're pretty familiar with the pulmonology clinic at Vandy Children's because of our son's health issues...they're great and definitely competent (which you probably already know). We'll pray for the visit to go well!