Sunday, July 19, 2009

Look at that HAIR !??!?!

I got these pictures of Jacob just after he woke up from a nap. Whenever I go in to get him out of his crib, he always gives me the BEST smiles. It's like he's been holding them in, and as soon as he sees me, he lights up! It just melts my heart everyday! This child has been through so much, and yet, everyday he smiles like nothing has happened to him. What a miracle!

This is a close up of his cute face. I got this picture after he'd been fed and had fallen asleep in his bouncy seat. Precious! Now ladies, don't be too jealous of those lashes. Hee Hee.

Jacob had an outing about a week or two ago and he got to meet some of his mommy's teacher friends. We went to Longhorn Steakhouse for lunch. Teachers love summer break! We actually get to have a lunch with our friends for longer than "30 minutes." Jacob did such a great job on the outing and they doted over him so much! These are very special ladies and I am so honored to call them friends.

This picture is one of my favorite pictures of Jeff. He is so happy when he comes home from work and gets to hang out with Jacob. Both of their faces light up when they see each other. It's priceless! Jacob wasn't still, so he's a little blurry in the pic...

Thanks for always checking in on us. I know there are many of you (some that we don't even know) that are continually reading the blog, checking on Jacob's progress, and praying for his health. THANK YOU. Today in church a wonderful lady asked if she could put her hand on Jacob and pray over him. We both teared up. We didn't even know her, but she knew about Jacob. Words cannot express the gratitude that Jeff and I have in our hearts for people that have lifted up prayers for our son. I know there are many of you that we have never met or may not know very well, but your concern for Jacob and your prayers mean SO much. May you be blessed today!


  1. I just happened to notice you walking out of the worship service with Jacob today and was filled with joy to hear his tiny cry. I can imagine you all feel the same each time he cries, smiles, and reaches each milestone. Jacob probably won't remember all that he went through but what a blessing his journey has been for so many people! Thank you for continuing to share your journey. We continue to pray for Jacob and for you two as he grows and as you guide him in his life.
    In Him,
    Jessica Cook

  2. He's beautiful, Julie! I love the hair :) Your family is in my prayers, as always.