Monday, July 13, 2009


Enjoy the photos of Jacob from earlier this morning.

He started out all smiles, then quickly faded as he got more tired.

We're so IN LOVE with this little miracle!

Lest I forget our furry "child"... Jackson got in on the photoshoot too. He's so goofy!


  1. :-) lovin the pics. We are very excited about moving to KY. We get to go back to the NICU next week for Max's autopsy, so that should be interesting... Anyways, thinking of you guys and cutie Jacob.


  2. These are some very cute pics. We love hearing from you and Jeff about Jacob and Jackson too. Enjoy the time you have left with your mom. Keep us informed. You are in our prayers. Jacob keeps us laughing and humble.

    Diane Broyles Dishmon

  3. He looks like he is so tall! I'm so glad you are keeping us updated--I don't ever get tired of hearing about Jacob and look forward to meeting him!