Thursday, February 12, 2009

Surgery #2

We are scheduled for Jacob's second surgery on Monday morning at 7:30. There have been several different times discussed, but getting all the right people and equipment together at the same time made Monday the best option. The surgeons are not sure how far the liver will tolerate being moved, so they will put it as far as they can without interrupting blood flow. They believe this will at least give his lung a chance to develop further and improve his progress. Again, the surgery will take place in Jacob's room, however the surgeons are going to apply a new technique, ultrasound technology while in surgery. Using one of Jacob's existing tubes, they will be able to send an ultrasound probe down his throat so they can see the liver as they move it, enabling them to have real-time information about how Jacob's liver is tolerating the move. This is not a typical use of this technology and the surgeons seem excited about how it will apply in this case. It's amazing what they have been able to do with Jacob's care.

Here's what we can ask God for:

That Jacob's liver will go ALL the way into his abdomen and that the surgeons will be able to patch his diaphragm in the proper place.

Also, that his right lung will continue to expand with GOOD alveoli and put less pressure on his heart and pulmonary vessels.

Here's more pictures of our precious little guy

Look at this double chin...aww...

Dad changing a diaper...with all the IV lines and's alot harder than you think!

Jacob and his first baseball. He can play catch with Granpa!

There are so many of you that have shown us support through visits, cards, gifts, prayers, flowers, food, love, etc. It's so humbling that God has allowed us and Jacob to have the opportunity to receive this kind of support. Praise God for little miracles! It is our prayer that we will continue to witness more of these miracles each day with Jacob.


  1. Jeff and Julie,
    This is Diane Broyles Dishmon, Anna's mom. Just wanted to let you know that Daniel, my husband, and I have been praying for Jacob's little steps ever since we learned of Jacob's birth and problems. We are so glad that he is a part of your family a very special part of your family. Keep singing and reading and praying. God does wonderful things for all His children. Let me know by this email address if there is anything that you need or can use from McMinnville ( and I will see that you get it. Please send me a phone number so that if I am able soon to get to Nashville I can get whatever you desire. Give Jacob a kiss and hug from his family in McMinnville and keep a special hug for the two of you. Always in thoughts and prayers.

    Daniel and Diane Dishmon (Anna's Mom)

  2. Still praying. Thanks for the updates. Praise God!!!!!!!!!

  3. I LOVE when you post pics of Jacob. It just makes me smile to see him! He's just adorable! I'm continually praying for Jacob and check your blog for updates daily! I can tell you that there is no BETTER person to hold the faith of your son than our GOD! He is a miracle worker and I know he's capable of getting your little boy through this! I will definitely be praying for all that you mentioned!! Keep Believing and Stay Strong!!

  4. You cannot possibly know how many lives have already been touched by your gorgeous son and by his strength.

    My husband and I pray for you all daily, and we also pray that, if ever faced with a trial like you have been, that our faith would show through and that we could glorify God even a fraction of the amount that you have.

    With love from Connecticut :)

  5. Jeff, Julie & Jacob,
    Wow! It is amazing how far this journey has taken you. God is awesome! We continue to pray for Jacob's complete healing, that his liver will tolerate being moved into his abdomen, that his diaphragm with be patched up and that his right lung will grow and expand better than ever expected. We know God can do this because He has the power to do all things. Thank you again for sharing your story with all of us. Know that on Monday we will be praying extra hard for you all and for each doctor & nurse that has Jacob in his/her care.
    Because of Him,
    Rob and Jessica Cook (Woodmont)

  6. Hi Jeff and Julie,
    That is so great that Jacob is ready and able to have the next surgery! Breezy and Mom and I will continue to pray for you all, and for Jacobs doctors, and that all will go well this time! Thank - you for the updates, you are awesome people, and you really show God in you by your continued Faith, and Strength in the face of these trials! We Love you!
    ~Hugs~ Marie

  7. Julie and Jeff,
    Jacob just gets cuter and cuter in your pictures. I'm sure Grandpa Winkler is just itching to put Jacob in a Harley onsie! :) We are praying for you and your family for the BIG day on Monday. God will be with your family and the surgeons. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.
    Ryan & Jeremy

  8. praying for you guys right now and especially tomorrow morning.

  9. Jeff and Julie,
    We have been following your blog and have fallen in love with Jacob. We pray for him a lot! What a special little fellow. Loved the pic of his eyes looking into the camera. God be with you and praise Him for the ways He is touching your life.
    With much love,
    Robert and Gatha Ott

  10. LOVE that double chin. Precious.

    Continually praying for Jacob and now especially Monday's surgery.

  11. Julie...we will be in extra prayer for you this weekend and Monday! I love his chub that he is getting! That is a good sign! :)

  12. We are celebrating in the Lord the miracles He will perform on Monday!

  13. Precious baby! I am so glad the surgeons have a plan and that the surgery is so much sooner than anticipated! We will continue to petition our Father for you guys!

  14. Thank you for sharing your heart and pictures with us. What joy to see those eyes and hear of the progress. Our prayers this weekend will focus on Monday's surgery.

  15. Charles and I follow Jacob's progress daily. Thank you for sharing your journey. Know that so many people love the three of you and will continue to pray for a successful surgery. I love the pictures! Jacob is so adorable.

    Cookie Kimbrough

  16. Hi, Julie - I came across your blog via the Barbaricks. It's an honor to join in prayer for your precious son. We're praying! Love, Holly & Luke Tallon

  17. Jeff & Julie,
    We will be saying extra prayers for you Monday morning! The pictures of Jacob are so beautiful! Your mom was in SonSeekers today and she was so amazing! You and Jacob's story is so inspiring and please know this story will continue to inspire so many others! Love, Darci and Jimmy