Sunday, February 22, 2009

One small step for giant leap for Jacob

We can officially say "GOODBYE" to the oscillating ventilator and a "HELLO" to the regular ventilator! Since Jacob was born he had been on a special kind of ventilator that gave him many many small breaths each second, allowing his lungs to be expanded gentler than a conventional ventilator would do. Today they took Jacob off the oscillating vent and switched him to a regular vent where he is taking larger more regular breaths. This is a big step for means we can begin feeding Jacob with breast milk through a feeding tube and that we are making steps in the right direction with progression of his lungs. Yay!

Here's a picture of the oscillating ventilator leaving the room...

Also, in the last few days Jacob has been spending more time alert and wide-eyed. He can track better with his eyes, and likes looking at the paper cranes that hang just above his head. He finally enjoys being touched and really likes his head being rubbed. Jeff has a calming touch with Jacob and I am able to read and sing him to sleep! What a treat! This has been so special for us! We praise and thank God every day for the moments we are having with our beautiful son and continue to ask for more!

We have added some things to his bed recently just to make his room a little more special. Gramma Tuley made a blanket and embroidered the names of all the people that surround Jacob with love. His name is in the middle, and the others are in circles around him. Not only is he surrounded with his Daddy, Mommy, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, but also by friends and all the prayer warriors too. We also hung a bear given to him by Jill that reminds him to hang in there! We got some footprints and also hung the scripture that we read to him on the day of his first surgery; Matthew 7:7-8. Thanks to our nurse on Saturday and Sunday for making those suggestions! How special.

We are still asking for more prayers for Jacob. God has brought us so far and we tell Jacob every day that he is a miracle! We still have some big hurdles to overcome. We continue to petition to God that Jacob will be able to ween off the ventilator completely, that he will not need any support on oxygen or nitric oxide for his pulmonary hypertension. We ask for prayers that the feedings go well and that Jacob's body responds well to the breast milk. These are the major things that Jacob will be facing in the next couple of weeks or months ahead. Also, that his right lung will continue to grow and expand with good tissues. Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers for us. We would not be here without them!


  1. We are so happy for all three of you and so proud of Jacob as he continues to grow stronger everyday. Thank you for keeping everyone informed on how Jacob is improving.I am praying for your beautiful family daily.

    Sheri & kids

  2. That's wonderful news! He is loved by so many and is touching so many people. We love you guys!

  3. YEAH!!! What great news. I will keep praying for him to improve and for you and Jeff to have strenght as you stay by him. Thanks for keeping the blog updated. Love and prayers.

  4. still praying for your little man! what a fighter!

  5. Jeff and Julie,
    Bob gave us this news at devotional tonight!! It was too cool! I am so excited, and happy for you and for baby Jacob!! Breezy of course is too!! You are all in our prayers still continuously. Thank-you so much fo keeping us up to date on everything that is happening!! Wer LOVE you all.
    ~Hugs~ Marie

  6. What wonderful news! God keeps revealing His power through Jacob! We pray for continued healing and strength for for this tiny fighter! We love reading your updates. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of the prayer army! The Scobeys

  7. Yea!!! What a wonderful day!!! Always praying for you!!!

  8. I will pray for your requests. What a joyous occasion to kiss that ventilator goodbye! Thankful for it, but happy to see it go.

  9. That is great news! I am so excited for baby Jacob. God is so awesome! We are praying daily for baby Jacob and Mommy, Daddy and all of the family.

  10. Julie! You look absolutely radiant and beautiful in the picture above of you with Jacob. What treasures you and your family are...believers and receivers of miracles. Such testimony and inspiration to never give up. Sending our love and prayers!

  11. I am so encouraged with your daily updates. I look forward to the day you bring Jacob to Son Seekers class.
    Love to all three of you,

  12. I love the pic of the ventilator leaving the room, the baby Jacob footprints, and you and Jeff comforting your baby. SO happy that things are going in the right direction.

  13. Jeff and Julie,
    God truly has the three of you in his hands and is looking down on you smiling. Daniel and I keep the Tuley's in our thoughts and prayers each day. Let us know if there is anything McMinnville can do to help. OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Julie,
    Melissa told me how to find your blog! I am humbled by the faith you and Josh are displaying through your blog and in the hospital. Jacob is an angel and I feel so blessed to have been reunited with you and to be fortunate enough to be involved in Jacob's care. Brooke

    P.S. We are going to look at a Weim on Sunday to possibly adopt. :)

  15. Haven't seen anything in a few days, but we are still praying hard for your little family.

    With Love in Christ,