Thursday, February 19, 2009

The past few days

The last couple of days have been good. Jacob continues to recover from his surgery and continues to be loved on by all that care for him. The doctors and nurses said that the first 72 hours after surgery are always stressful and Jacob has had ups and downs in lots of areas. Sometimes his heartrate will go up and other times his blood pressure goes up. He will occasionally open his eyes and look around, but then will get so worked up that he is breathing too much.

Overall, we are doing okay and Jacob continues to be on the slow road of recovery. I say slow because that's really what it is...SLOW. It can take weeks for babies to come off the ventilator, and weeks to be weened off medications, and weeks to be feeding properly, etc. We have made it over a huge hurdle with the surgery and there are challenges ahead but we have great hope. There still is the possibility that Jacob may not be able to come home with us, but we are asking God for that miracle. Jeff and I wouldn't be surprised if we are here for at least 3 months more. However, God can do amazing things, as we have witnessed so far, and would love to experience Jacob's homecoming.

Little Feet..
A side shot of his cuteness...


  1. Dear Jeff and Julie,
    Thank you for the updates. We continue to lift you up and pray all 3 of you home. Step by step.

    Grace and Peace,

  2. Baby Jacob is soooo beautiful! I pray that your journey will lead you all three out of the hospital to your home. Much love to you.


  3. I pray for Jacob and your family everyday. You guys are so strong and I believe that God will continue to bless you. Jacob is such a little miracle and has come a long way!!! Hang in there...

  4. I will keep praying for a miracle. He is so cute!! Hang in there and know LOTS of prayers are going up for all of you.

  5. God new what he was doing when he gave Jacob to you and Jeff. What glory you have brought to his kingdom in the way you have trusted in him from the begining. We will continue to pray.

  6. So happy to hear your update. We continue to lift up Jacob and all his family and his doctors in prayer. Keep on fightin' little guy!

  7. Jeff & Julie,
    We also continue to pray for you and Jacob and that day by day he will grow stronger & healthier and that each of you will have that homecoming together in the near future! Thank you so much for continuing to share. You all are an inspiration & your story is one of great faith!
    In Him,
    Jessica Cook

  8. Jeff and Julie,
    Mom and Breezy and I are continueing to pray constantly for you and for baby Jacob. Breezy and Mom are always happy to hear me read a new blog update.... Thank-you so much for those! We will continue to pray that you will get to take your beautiful baby boy home soon.... Also, my sisters boyfriend Travis has been and continues keeping you all in prayer..... We love you all, Take care,
    ~Hugs~ Marie

  9. We are always praying for you guys and Jacob.

  10. Don't worry, Jeff and Julie. Your prayer warriors are continuing to prayer for Jacob to come home from the hospital and live a long and happy life. Get some rest. We love you.

  11. Jacob is living proof that miracles happen. I will continue praying for his recovery through this long process. I know that you are enjoying everyday with him in your lives. I look forward to hearing the about the day he is strong enough to breath without the help of the ventilator.
    Cindi (Jennifer Rizkalla's mother)