Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Moment by Moment...

Literally ten minutes after writing the last blog, there was a huge scare for Jeff and I. Jacob's ET tube became clogged and prevented Jacob from breathing or the ventilator from functioning as it should. In a matter of moments Jacob's left lung collapsed, he turned blue, and his saturation levels took a nose dive. Within seconds of this occurring, the doctors were in the room, ventilating him through the "bag" and working on the problem. God has truly gifted the nurses and doctors and given them the necessary skills to be able to care for Jacob. They took an X-Ray and discovered that his vent tube had gone too far and was not allowing Jacob too breathe. The doctors and nurses seemed to think this was not a setback for Jacob, but that it was a mechanical setback. Either way, it was scary and reminded us of how fragile life can be.

Jacob, the nurses, and the doctors spent the rest of the night and all of the next day recruiting the left lung back from the collapse. Jacob had to go up on his vent settings and oxygen in order to get back to where we were...Jacob has bounced back and as of last night (Monday) he is back to where he was before the last episode.

There are a couple of tests to run today on Jacob, an ultrasound and echo. Pray that those tests show the doctors everything they need to see!


  1. We live a very long way away, but the internet is a funny thing! I have followed your progress since i stumbled on your blog and want you to know thought & prayers are with you. Our boy was born premature at 3lbs 8oz and i remember well the beeping and whirring noises of the intensive care unit and also the setbacks. Take heart miracles happen all the time - Oscar is a healthy happy 5 yr old.

  2. We are praying that Jacob continues to get stronger every day. Thank you for sharing your story with us. May the Lord continue to hold Jacob and you close to His heart.

  3. I haven't commented for a few days, so let me start by saying HOW HANDSOME is little Jacob! I'm so grateful that you are getting more interaction time with Jacob as the meds have been decreased. Will continue to pray as it is true, every moment is a blessing but every moment -good or bad- needs prayer!

    May God continue to show himself strong on Jacob and your behalf!

    Love you all,
    David and Jennifer

  4. We are following your blog very closely and prying evey day for you all. We know that God has you and Jacob in His hands... moment by moment.

    Love you all,
    John and Melinda Knott

  5. Praying all the test give hope and answers so they can continue to help Jacob and he will become stonger. Lots of love and prayers.

  6. Dear Jeff and Julie,
    Just wanted to let you know that we continue to pray for Jacob and for you. Thank you for allowing us into your story.

    Without ceasing,

  7. Hi,
    I attend church with Emilee Diggs. She ask for prayer the sunday before precious Jacob was born. I have continued to pray for him, but have not caught with Emilee to hear an update. We attend Homeschool co-op at Tusculum church and I just received this message through them. I am so glad to be able to be kept up to date. This miracle has really touched me and I will continue to pray for and think of you all :) God is amazing!!!
    I love the photos, esp the one of his precious hand!!! I teach piano and would one day love to teach those little hands how to play:)
    Hang in there and feel all of the prayers :)
    Doretta Osburn
    Antioch church of Christ

  8. My husband and I continue to pray for Jacob and your family every night. I check your blog each morning when I wake - thanks for taking the time to share your ups and downs. We will keep praying.

  9. We continue to pray for each one of you. Thank God that Jacob has such good doctors and nurses who are competent to take care of all that comes along in caring for Jacob. NICU nurses are very special people! We pray that all tests come back with great results and that Jacob's next surgery will be very soon!
    Rob & Jessica Cook

  10. Hi Jeff and Julie!
    Thank you for all the recent updates. It helps us to pray specifically of what Jacob needs and what you need! God is good and Jacob is so handsome! We all are praying in Sonoma County!
    Our love

  11. Your story has touched me so much. We are friends of Heather Hood. I find myself checking your blog daily in hopes of an update and some wonderful news. You are such an encouragement and I can truly see God at work. WOW- what a testimony you guys have (Jacob too!) Please know that we are continuing to lift you up!
    Praying for your family,
    The Leisten's
    Easley, SC

  12. Dear Julie and Jeff,
    Mandy, Sunshine, and I are all thinking about you daily. We continue to pray for you and little Jacob. What a beautiful boy. Keep the faith and be strong. Thank you for this wonderful blog.
    Much love, Lisa Morgan

  13. My goodness, how scary. Hope that the tests went well today.


  14. We're praying for the tests and that Jacob is getting stronger. Love you guys!!!

  15. I am so proud of Jacob for bouncing back so quickly from that set back. He is definitely a little fighter! Our prayers will continue this week as you await the next surgery.

  16. I have not commented for some time now but I check all the time to see how little Jacob is doing. I want to thank you for the updates....the ups and the downs. I hope that the tests went well and that there is good news to come. We pray every day that Jacob will get stronger and also for continued strength for you and Jeff as you take this journey. All of you will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

  17. Prayers from our precious Jonathan: Many many years ago, our son, Jonathan, had the same thing that your Jacob has. Back then, they did not have the ability to do what they can today. We, too, spent as many days with our son as we could until our Lord took him home. Jonathan has been a source of strength and love for our family for over 30 years now...and his interceding prayers are powerful. We will be praying to our son Jonathan to ask his best friend, Jesus, to protect you and your son...Jonathan has a special spot in our Lord's heart and the prayers will be powerful.
    So, from one set of parents who have been where you are....to you...we offer our prayers, our support, our love, and the prayers of our angel, Jonathan to pray extra extra extra for you and your beautiful son. God Bless you. Gary and Judi Heim

  18. Still praying for you and your baby boy. We're also praising God for the time you've had with him. Your strength is inspiring and your faith is moving mountains.

    Please let us know if you need anything other than prayers.

  19. Julie and Jeff,
    Jeremy and I are thinking of you both so many times throughout the day and we have already fallen in love with little Jacob. He's is precious and quite the handsome little man. We pray that the test come back with flying colors and Jacob keeps surprising the doctors with God's assistance.
    Ryan & Jeremy