Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fun with Jacob

Here are some fun pictures we have gotten in the last couple of days. Jacob is really making an impression on everyone he comes in contact with. He's well known around the NICU for being so CUTE! :)

This is why we call him Mr. Bubbles...he often has bubbles coming out of his mouth and nose.

Isn't this just precious. He seems to really like his hand up by his face. In a couple of our ultrasound pictures he had his hand by his face, and now it seems the same.
This is a book that was read to Jacob today, on Valentine's Day. The book is from Cousins Fernando and Stacy. It's about a rabbit named Jake that wants to explore the world. Along the way he helps a horse, pig, and duck by giving them food from his backpack. As he explores, he loses his way and the horse, pig, and duck help him find his way home. Perhaps Jacob has helped some friends on his way home!

A Family Portrait. (Not a typical one)

Holding Hands

We are enjoying each moment we get to spend with our little miracle. He really continues to defy the odds and keeps fighting to be here. Thank you again for all the prayers that are going up on Jacob's behalf. We humbly ask for more especially as his second surgery approaches. May you be blessed today!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day baby Jacob! I am glad you have been able to spend the day together. We will continue to pray for Jacob and will be praying extra hard on Monday morning. Thanks for keeping the blog up to date. I check it daily. Love and prayers.

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  4. Hey Cousins,
    I can't tell you how great it is to see Jacob doing so well. And to see the smiles on your faces. You are such an encouragement to those facing hard times. We will continue to keep you in our prayers.
    We love you guys.
    Chris & Lois

  5. praying for a successful surgery tomorrow. your family is beautiful and your faith is such an inspiration. jacob is precious--thanks for the updates!

  6. Dear Jeff and Julie,
    Thank you for sharing the pictures...they are wonderful. And, I can see why the NICU is smitten with your little guy. :)
    I will continue to pray what you've asked and I pray that God gives you exactly what you need as Jacob's mommy and daddy. I will especially pray that you are both blessed with a fabulous night's sleep tonight as you prepare for the day ahead.

    Without ceasing,

  7. We are keeping you all in mind as you prepare for you big day! We are praying earnestly!!!
    The Cook Family

  8. Praying for a successful surgery this morning!

  9. Julie and Jeff,
    We are praying for God to guide the doctor's hands today during Jacob's surgery and that all goes better than expected.

    We love you and are thinking of you throughout this day.

    Ryan & Jeremy

  10. Jared and I are praying for peace for both of you today as Jacob undergoes his second surgery. We think about your family daily. Much love, Jill Danford

  11. I just found this link through Tali - I had no idea. You are all in my prayers as you undergo this next round of surgery.


  12. Praise God Jeff and Julie! I am rejoicing with you on such a successful surgery! Sonoma County is praising God!


  13. You are amazing parents! God has definitely been good to you.