Friday, May 3, 2013

8 months

Oh sweet Elizabeth! You are 8 months old! I can't believe how time has passed so quickly. You are so sweet and so good and so happy! You love your big brother and watch him all the time. He's definitely your favorite kind of entertainment! You recently went on your first airplane ride to California (update coming) and people were so complimentary! You're pretty awesome!

You have started babbling and have said "da da da da" and "ya ya ya ya" with a "ga ga" in there as well. You blow bubbles a lot and still do your high pitched squeal every now and then.

You have eaten just about every kind of vegetable and fruit we've thrown at you and you also eat chicken and beef as well. You seem to like most everything. However, this past week Mommy had to give you green beans from the store, and you made a squinty face and wouldn't eat any! I don't blame you!

You are rolling all around and when you're on your stomach you turn in circles to get what you want. You have been trying to get your knees underneath you...crawling will be soon! You can sit up for long periods of time and have started scooting while on your bottom! You LOVE to stand and while standing you jump up and down, it's just automatic for you!

You nap two times a day and sleep through the night! Hallelujah. Or as Jacob would say, "How-a-you-a!"

We love you Miss E!

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