Saturday, May 25, 2013

Busy Weekends in Atlanta...

We spent the past couple of weekends in Atlanta and helped Uncle Buh and Aunt Jenny with moving apartments, celebrated Jeff's birthday, and attend a baby shower for Aunt Jenny and Cousin Kathryn (soon to arrive!).
Jeff's birthday celebration was fun!  Buzz Lightyear made an appearance on Jeff's "Rippy Bahthday" cake, and Jacob enjoyed counting out M&M's for everyone to have.  We sang, ate cake, and Jeff opened presents.  It was a fun evening!
Daddy-Son picture!

Jacob had to count the "boms" from the grandfather clock during the present opening festivities!  He loves clocks!

Elizabeth even got some ice cream and a little bite of frosting.  This girl likes sweets!  :)

I asked Jacob what he wanted to get daddy for his birthday, and he responded, "Maybe some daddy toys."  I asked, "What kind of daddy toys?" and he said, "Tools, maybe."  So, off to Sears we went and Jacob picked out gloves and a hammer for his daddy.  He was so proud!
Sunday afternoon I went to a baby shower for Aunt Jenny and Baby Kathryn.  It was a beautiful shower!  We can't wait for baby Kathryn to make her arrival!!!
Beautiful ladies!  :)

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