Tuesday, May 28, 2013

9 Months

Oh Elizabeth!  You're 9 months old!  So hard to believe!  Here's some things you are doing lately...

CRAWLING!!!!!!  Yes, it happened yesterday.  So happy that you're on the move!  You learned how to get from your belly to sitting position first, and it took you a day to learn and master that skill.  Wow!  Then before we knew it, you were wanting to move forward.  It took a few more days for you to figure out how to move your legs too.  So fun!

You're eating lots of food too!  You still love fruit, but you have recently discovered a new love for PUFFS!  Ha!  You love to eat them and somehow they end up all over the place...even in your clothes!  How do you do that?  Some of the new foods you've had recently are: pork, egg yolk, white potato, and lentils/split peas.  You've done well with most.  The eggs were a little bit of a challenge and you weren't sure about that texture.  Don't worry, we'll try again!

You LOVE to sit in the living room and play in your red box.  You get up on your knees and dig though to get different toys out.  You are curious and experiencing alot through your play time.  You still watch Jacob all the time and want anything that he's playing with.  It sure makes things interesting!

At your 9 month appointment you were 28.5 inches and 16lbs 10oz. You are in the 80% for height and 25% for weight. You are probably going to be long and lean like Jacob!

Watching you grow and change is such a blessing.  You're so easygoing and always go with the flow.  People ask me, "Is she always this good?"  Yes, you are!  However, you are a bit mysterious also.  You don't give away too many smiles, but you're always watching things closely.  It's part of who you are!  We love you!

Yay for being 9 months old!!!

Don't you know that chewing on paper is the BEST!
Yeah, I'm cute!
Just another one of my many poses! 
As long as she knows the bow is there, it will come out almost instantly...
All smiles from our 9 month old and 4 year old!
Thanks for checking in with us!  Have a blessed day!

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