Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shuttle Launch

Yes, you read the title correctly.......We got to SEE the last shuttle launch in Florida! It was a whirlwind of a trip, that included small amounts of sleep for most of us, and lots of uncertainty due to weather, but in the end it all worked out wonderfully!

Some great family friends graciously offered their airplane for us to have this opportunity at seeing the shuttle launch. So, on Thursday afternoon Uncle Biggie came and picked us up and we headed down to Atlanta to pick up some other stragglers (Pappy, Agga, and Misty). After some delays with weather, we hopped into the plane and headed toward Florida. Uncle Biggie and Daddy did a really good job flying around the clouds and keeping everyone safe!!! Here's some pictures of Jacob on the airplane going to Florida!

Pappy and Misty saying Hello to the camera! Great pic!

Jacob flying the airplane! Although, it was likely flying itself at this point of the flight! Ha!

We arrived in Florida around 9:30, and after checking into our hotel and getting a bite to eat, we finally got to sleep around 11:30PM. Knowing that we would be fighting the crowds to get a parking spot close to the launch, we decided to get up early and find a good spot. So, at 4:00AM we left the hotel and headed toward the launch site. Luckily, we found some open areas on one of the Causeways. Even with just a few hours of sleep, Jacob was as happy as he could be! What a trooper!

While we waited for the launch, we did our best to entertain Jacob. Here's Agga and Jacob walking around the news busses.

Around 8:30, Jacob got an hour nap...

Of course, Jacob had to have a shirt of the last shuttle launch!

Despite all our efforts, the heat and exhaustion still got to Jacob. He had a minor meltdown because I would not let him have a plastic spoon.

But, he was quickly distracted with laughs from Daddy!

We drank some water and had the fans blowing!

Jacob even entertained himself in his chair...he loved putting his cup in the holder! He looks SO BIG in that chair.

Finally, we heard the magic words. Shuttle is "Go For Launch." So we snapped some pictures before the main event.

Just before the launch, many people were shouting, "USA" and "I Love you guys!" But the moment that got me, was when the announcer came over the radio and thanked all the astronauts for their contributions to our country. Tears came so easily. Then, the moment we were all waiting for...

If you look closely, you can see the shuttle in between Jacob and Jeff. What a great picture!

It was an amazing opportunity to view the shuttle launch live and in person. I am so glad that Jacob could witness a major part of America's history.

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  1. That is so cool!!!!! I watched it on the NASA channel with the 4-year-old I was babysitting; he's really into rockets. We thought we had a great view! What a fun story and memory for you guys!!