Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hold your Horses!

Today we went here and spent some time with the Mounted Police and their Tennessee Walking Horses. When we were in the car on our way, we asked Jacob if he wanted to see some horses, and he responded emphatically with a, "YES...Horses, Yes!" It was so cute!

Here's Jeff and Jacob meeting "Joe."

This horse, Autobahn, was very interested in licking. Jacob thought it was very funny that the horse was "lick-it" on his mommy.
This is Jacob on one of the Mounted Police horses named Jose. We learned later in a show, that Jose is 15 years old and has worked and trained with the same officer for 13 years. Such powerful and amazing creatures!

During the show, Jacob was watching Jose and his officer very intently. You can tell by how red his face is, that it was VERY warm inside the training barn. Even the fans weren't much help...

"Jacob, where's the horse?"

Jacob thought it was funny that Jose could "kick a ball" just like he does. :)

Here's Jose and his officer demonstrating part of their training program. These horses are trained to walk sideways, break up fights, walk through caution tapes, walk on tires, and remain calm during loud noises, among other things.

The cutest part of our afternoon was when we got in the car to come home, Jacob said, "Horses, like it," without any prompting from us. So fun!


  1. What a great outing. So glad Jacob liked the horses. And the 3 Dog nites. So cute. Thank You Julie and Jeff for sharing: love Gjo

  2. Julie, I took the girls to the same place this past Saturday. Natalie sat on the same horse as Jacob, too! So funny! We must have just missed you guys. Looks like Jacob is having some fun this summer! You are awesome for having a this great blog!