Tuesday, July 5, 2011

California Part 2: March AFB and Birthday Fun!

After our big day at the zoo and observatory, we decided to keep it more low key and visit a local aviation museum at March Air Force Base and celebrate my birthday by hanging out with friends and family at the pool and having steak dinner. What a great way to celebrate my Birthday! :)

While Papa and Jeff were deciding which airplanes to see, Jacob was following the lines on the ground toward all the planes...

Jacob and Mommy in the Airplane Museum

Jacob and Daddy in front of a PT-19. Jeff's "Poppy" trained cadets in these airplanes during World War II.

Papa and Jacob climbing down the stairs after looking at a bomber used in Strategic Air Command, the Jimmy Stewart movie.

The Cutest Astronaut in the World. Jacob climbed into a miniature Endeavor.

After being inside the museum, we walked outside to look at some airplanes. Here's Jacob in front of a SR-71.

Looking at the B-29. Jacob really enjoyed kicking the dirt and watching it fly into the air. He just laughed and laughed at that! So silly!

This is a picture of a B-17 that is being restored. There are only a few of these left in the world. There happened to be a volunteer there, working on the plane, so we were able to take a look at the plane, and Papa and Jeff went inside to look around.

Jacob and Mommy at the back of the B-17. Can you imagine being in the war and in that position of the plane? Those men were so brave!

While Papa and Daddy were inside the plane, we ate some snacks under the wing of the plane.

Jeff inside the plane!

Papa in front of a Cobra Helicopter

We left the museum and went back to the house to hang out by the pool. My best friend from childhood came over to hang out. Hanging out with Alisa is so easy, she just blends right into our family conversations. Although many of the conversations involve memories we have with each other, like eating at Sizzlers, going to the lake, spending time at the beach, and going to Bible camps etc., it's always full of laughs. We've known each other since 3rd grade, and it's so fun to be together! Love you Alisa!

Here we are hanging out by the pool around the fire ring and eating chips and salsa. Jacob loves chips and salsa, he calls chips "pips" and likes to "bip, bip, bip" them in the salsa. Hee hee!

GJo and Jacob smiling for the camera!

Some pool time with Mommy and Alisa!

When we're in the water, Papa is always right there too! Jacob learned to kick his feet and lean forward to "swim" and get the ball in the water. He loved pushing and throwing this ball around the pool!

Neither of the boys look interested in the camera! HA!

Happy Birthday to me! What a happy day it was!

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