Wednesday, July 6, 2011

California Part 4: The Beach

As a child and teenager we went to the beach often in the summer. We would spend all day there, playing in the water and lathering on the sunscreen. Then we would find a fire pit and roast hotdogs for dinner and marshmellows for smores. I wanted to share that with Jeff and Jacob...

Waiting for the waves with Papa and Daddy...

Loving the waves and the COLD water!!!

"Here comes the wave Jacob! Get Ready!!!"

"...and JUMP..."

We played in the sand, even though this was not Jacob's favorite part...he did it anyways.

GJo and Jacob saying "Cheese" and trying to get Jacob warm. These are the exact same umbrellas we would use when I was a kid...great investment! Ha!

Getting ready to eat Smores. Yummy! GJo is trying to block the wind and keep Jacob warm. He was SO cold...

A family shot as the sun was going down. As you can tell from the picture the beach was SUPER crowded. We weren't sure we would find a fire pit, but we got one and everything worked out great!

I love this guy! He's the greatest!

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