Sunday, October 17, 2010

Up and Down

Jacob goes to the park in between therapy sessions on Thursdays. So he's getting really good at going up and down the stairs. He sometimes even takes two at a time. Although, you'll see that sometimes he's successful, and sometimes he needs a little help. Enjoy!

Update on Jacob: We went to the surgeon for Jacob's follow-up appointment on Tuesday. We got an Xray that morning before the appointment. Everything looked great! The surgeon was so pleased with Jacob's progress. He looked for areas of re-herniation, and there were none! So the patch is still holding strong. He did say that there's a chance that the liver will act as a "plug" and even if the patch comes away from the diaphragm, that the liver will likely not allow anything through the hole. But, he'd like to continue to follow Jacob every year until he's 5. He also looked at things like his chest wall and his pectus (the indention between his ribs). Many CDH kids have problems with their heart not having enough room to function fully during exertion. So, he'll keep watching that, but said that he wouldn't even consider surgery for that until Jacob was 8 or 10, if he needs it at all. He'll also keep watching his spine for scoliosis. So far, Jacob has a slight curve (also common with CDH kids). Our physical therapist explained to us that we need to do as much stretching with him as he will allow. His muscles on the right side of his abdomen are tight because of the surgeries, so we'll continue to stretch him and hopefully avoid spine problems. Overall, it was an awesome check-up and we LOVED getting to showcase some of his skills. Developmentally, Jacob is really taking off! He's been talking more than ever! It's great. We haven't officially counted, but we think he has at least 15 words, but he really tries to repeat alot of words we say. It's been really fun for us.

We're thankful to God for all the progress we see in Jacob. Sometimes in quiet moments, I tear up thinking about the blessing that Jacob has been to us. I thank God that he saw it fit to allow us to bring Jacob into this world, to see him through a tough start, and be able to witness the things that we never thought we'd see with Jacob. What a great testimony he has to share!

Thanks for checking in with us! Have a wonderful day!


  1. That's great that he had a good checkup and that his patch is holding. Claire reherniated on the left side, but her colon did act as a "plug" to keep other stuff from moving up.

    Not to alarm you, but I would keep a really close eye on the scoliosis. The surgeon and pediatrician kept telling me that Claire's was "mild", and then when we went back this year it was suddenly a lot worse. By the time we saw an orthopedic doctor the curve was 38 degrees. Our kiddos are growing fast and that pesky curve can change quickly. But hopefully the physical therapy will keep Jacob's in check.

  2. So glad you had such a good report