Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Sunday night was Trunk or Treat night at church. Jacob dressed up as a Train Engineer. He even had an Engine from J & T Railways to go along with his costume.
Here's the Engineer looking his best!
Daddy and the Engineer

Mommy and the Engineer inside his train. J & T Railways was ready for business! Have I mentioned lately how hard it is to get a picture of him smiling!?!?

Waiting for the parade to start at Trunk or Treat.
Walking in the parade, Mommy telling Jacob to wave to Daddy. It didn't work. :)

Our small group signed up for a spot to decorate. This year we did a Buzz Lightyear/Space theme. Jacob's friend Sam was dressed as Buzz. We had blacklights, shoot the Zurg game, and lots of fluorescent decorations. Fun was had by all!

Here's a picture of the inside...

By the end of the evening Buzz and the Engineer were still running around and enjoying themselves. Here's Buzz shooting his gun. You're welcome Tracy! :)

And here's Jacob chasing after Buzz. Great Picture of Sam, don't you think?
Thanks for checking in with us this week. Stay tuned for more Halloween festivites!


  1. Love it! Luckily the gun shooting has died down a little (not much, but a little). We had a great time putting it together with you guys. Jacob looks so cute. Can't wait to see more pictures!