Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Georgia Aquarium--Happy Birthday Chappy!

For Chappy's birthday we spent the day in Downtown Atlanta going to the Georgia Aquarium and Ted's Montana Grill. We only have pictures from the Aquarium because our camera battery died...but there's some cute pictures of part of the birthday celebration. :) It was a great time for us to spend with family and Jacob definitely enjoyed being the entertainment! Happy birthday Chappy!

Here's most of the group (minus Jeff and Uncle Buh) waiting to enter the Aquarium. I tried to get everyone to look at the camera...usually the adults are the ones that pay attention and Jacob is the one looking elsewhere...but it looks like Jacob was actually listening! :) Also, you can see who the grandparents are looking at...hum...how much do they love Jacob????

Inside the aquarium. I didn't plan on the camera making the cool effect in this pic...but it's like the world is moving all around Jacob. He stands out wherever he goes! :)

Jacob trying to touch the Jellyfish. What a face!

Close up of the "Jellies"
Jacob walking around one of the rooms.
This picture was taken inside a "tube" in one of the tanks. There were some extremely large fish, including 3 whale sharks and this HUGE thing behind us.
A picture of one of the whale sharks. The oval shaped thing at the top of the water was an inflated boat where they are dumping food to the fish in the tank. These whale sharks are amazing!
Jacob with Chappy and Gramma at the big tank.
Jacob and the Big Big Tank! I love this picture! Jacob's face is so funny to me.
An attempt at a group shot. Sorry Misty you're covered by Jon!
Here's Jacob about to put his hand in the water at a "petting" station. This is one of my favorite pictures of the day. First, because I am looking super cheesy, and second because Chappy has the least expressive look on his face and his arms are crossed, and Jacob is looking for Jeff and can't find him, but is smiling anyways. So. Funny.
The last picture I will leave you with is of Jacob with his two prized possessions as we are leaving the Aquarium. He picked them out himself! :)

Thanks to the Tuley clan for the great day and wonderful family time.

Until next time....

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  1. Looks like all had fun. Papa bear and I enjoyed looking at the pics. Who is Misty?