Sunday, March 29, 2009

Feeding frustrations

Feeding is a HUGE hurdle that we are trying to jump...and it seems like it will never end. It has been almost 4 weeks of feeding issues, and it still doesn't seem to be moving in the right direction. Jacob can't live on IV fluids...

Right now, Jacob is getting 12ccs of milk every 3 hours. They check his stomach to see how much he has moved through or digested, and if it is less than half a feeding, they feed more. If he has not moved milk through, then they hold the next feed until he has moved it through.

Jacob needs prayers that his stomach will digest the milk and move it to the intestines, that the intestines will wake up and give his body the nutrients it needs so we can get off the IV fluids, and that we can start increasing feeding amounts each day.

God created Jacob's body...and he is fearfully and wonderfully made.


  1. Specific prayers coming your way....every day...every hour. You are all very tightly wrapped in prayer. Gary and Judi

  2. We are constantly praying for Little Jacob. We will pray specifically that he can overcome the obstacles necessary to get off the IVs. He is such a cutie. I love all the pictures you have posted. Love the McVeys

  3. Yes he is! We will continue to pray that this too will pass!
    Jessica Cook

  4. He is adorable. Will pray for his feeding to get better. Hang in there!!

    Sissy Glover (Kristy Mallory's friend)

  5. we will be praying specifically for jacob's feeding issues to improve. he is a precious little miracle boy :)

  6. Your blog is a such a wonderful testament to what the Lord does in our daily lives. If I don't read about Jacob, it's easy for me to forget that God is concerned about all of us every day, and that he sees all of us through struggles to develop and set-backs. When I read about your specific prayers for Jacob and how they are answered time after time, it's amazing to realize who our God is. I know it must be so challenging to wait on the Lord in the ways you are, but the fact that you are waiting on the Lord is giving him so much glory. I care so much for your baby boy and we've barely met! Be strong and wait on the Lord. I hope that you are encouraged by that when other families are admitted and discharged across the hall. There is a purpose for all of this wait, and my family and I also pray for Jacob frequently. Thank you for sharing so much of this with us. It's a blessing to me.

    - Betsy Sugg Gardner

  7. My 8th graders at David Lipscomb Middle have been following Jacob's story since his birth! We continue to look for updates and pray for him! He is SO cute and we know he will have an awesome story to share!
    Linda Priddy