Sunday, March 22, 2009 cute!

The past few days with Jacob have been really fun! He is having more and more time when he is awake and alert. We are getting to hold him more and interact with him too. Here's some pictures for you to enjoy.
Look at those precious eyes! These moments are the reasons why we continue to pray and ask God for more and more. What a gift!

I decorated our door with get well notes from a 4th Grade group of girls at Woodmont. Thanks Ruth for these special notes!

Beautiful hands!

Jeff holding Jacob and enjoying a joke or two with the nurses.

Our most recent familiy portrait

Jacob looking up at mommy.

Jacob's feeding issues are still hanging around...but...he is moving milk through his system (we have poop to prove it) and when he does spit up, it's more just the mucus from his stomach and not milk. This is improvement! We think part of the problem is that he has a tube down his throat, which gags him, and makes him spit up. So we're praying for more progress in that area and hopeful that we can come off the vent again soon. We can't come off the vent until the doctors are confident that he won't spit up and aspirate.
On another note...since we have moved into our new room, there have been 3 different families admitted to the room across from us, then discharged and sent home. I am wondering if we missed our calling and picked the wrong room. :)


  1. He is VERY cute!! Great pictures. Thanks for taking the time to share them with us. You are in our prayers...

  2. He is beautiful! And imagine how great he will look when they take all the tubes out! Love the picture of Jacob looking up at his momma - there is nothing like it when your son looks at you. So happy that you are experiencing moments like that!

    Have a good week,
    Carolyn Brednich

  3. What a doll-baby !!! Jacob is soo cute and I know that he is loving having Mommy and Daddy hold him and love on him. We continue to pray that his digestive system gets stronger and that his lungs get stronger with every breath, Praise God for His goodness toward your family.

  4. What a doll! Those beautiful blue eyes! we continue to pray for your little trooper. Thanks for posting the pictures. He looks like he is really growing! Praise God for every miracle.
    John and Melinda Knott

  5. He is absolutely gorgeous! Those are some beautiful eyes!!! No wonder the nurses are going crazy over him. If I worked in the NICU at Vandy I would too!!! PRECIOUS!!!

  6. So thrilled, and boy is Jacob a knock out! And I'd just like to say on a materialistic note, Mom and Dad's new haricuts are both very good looking too! ;-)

    Love you guys!

  7. those eyes are absolutely precious! continuing to pray for jacob and you all.

  8. what a cutie!!! so glad i had a second to spare to run in and visit while running throughout the rest of the pod today! i'll be praying for you guys tomorrow! i know everything is going to go great! hopefully i'll run into you guys on friday when i'm back at work!
    nurse emily huamani

  9. Wonderful wonderful news! God is so good! Thank you for letting us be a part of your world. It has been awesome for us to see God's grace in action and bare witness to these miracles.

  10. Hi Jeff and Julie and little Jacob. I just wanted to thank you for the flowers at Maxton's service. They were very nice. I am praying that little Jacob is able to kick CDH booty and come home with you all soon. He is such a cutie! I am going to look for Chad and Jen and see if they have a site, but if not, please tell them thank you as well! We will be following Jacob's journey.
    Ashley and David

  11. Praying for your precious Jacob. He sure is cute.
    Praising Him,