Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Car Show

On Saturday we met my cousin and his wife at a Car Show in the Franklin area.  It was pretty cold, but very fun (and free)!  Jacob was pretty excited to see the cars!

A picture of Jacob with the Hudson Hornet (just like Doc in Disney's Cars movie).
Inside the Hudson Hornet.
Jacob with a Bugatti, and he has no idea how cool this really is...  Apparently this is a 2 million dollar car and the fastest car in the world.  Pretty cool!

This was Jacob's favorite car...a Dodge Challenger, but let's face it, he really only liked it because it was orange!  Priorities, people!
No Flux capacitor in this we will not be going Back to the Future any time soon.  :)
This is what Elizabeth did while we walked around looking at cars...such a life!
Have a blessed day!

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