Monday, October 8, 2012


Some fun things Jacob has been doing and saying lately...

Jacob looks through the airplane ads in a newspaper and exclaims, "There's a Mooney," and "That's a V-Tail," and if there's one that he doesn't know, he will say, "Daddy, what's that one?" 

Jacob plays with the beads almost every day and lately he has decided to separate them by certain colors.  He was talking to himself while working on this task and said, "Okay..Where's the orange ones?  Oh...Here's one."  I love that his inner dialogue is coming out while he's talking.  It's like he's repeating what I've been saying to him since he was little bitty.  Ha!

Okay, so this picture is not anything about what Jacob is doing...just a picture of Elizabeth!

The other day he asked me to take a picture of him with this box....
Then he put it on his head and said, "Cheese!"
We've been taking walks alot of days since the weather is so nice...and along the way we will pick up "treasures" that we find.  We picked up this flower and I asked him what kind of flower it was, he replied, "A dandyflower."  So sweet!
Lately if Elizabeth is crying, Jacob will run over to her and say, "Coming to the rescue!"  He knows to give her a pacifier or sometimes he will turn on the music and ask her if that's better.  It's pretty sweet how he tries to take care of her!  :)
Have a blessed day!

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