Saturday, October 6, 2012

It was a Yellow Day!

On Friday Jacob, Elizabeth, and I headed out to the Rec Center for Jacob's Art Class.  He picked out the yellow shirt from his closet and decided to wear it with his jean shorts.  I dressed Elizabeth in the outfit below (thanks Agga) and had the yellow blanket over her while we rode in the car.  Jacob pointed out that she had a yellow blanket and that he had a yellow shirt.  Then he exclaimed, "It's a Yellow Day!"  I thought it was super cute so I took some pictures!
Jacob in his yellow shirt.  My sweet boy all grown up!  :)
Elizabeth in her outfit with the yellow blanket.  Is this not the cutest picture ever?!?!
This is the same blanket that I used when I was a baby.  I will post that picture in a later post because I have yet to scan the picture of me as a's coming...
Jacob with some of his artwork from his class.  :)  Fun!

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