Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Family comes to town!

This is just a sampling of the photos that were taken when my family came to meet Elizabeth.  My parents were in town, and my sister's family came shortly thereafter.  My sister has two children, Audrey (4) and Shelby (8mo.)!  So, It was a full house, with lots of love going around!  :) 
Audrey and Jacob!  Cute!
Papa and GJo with all their grandchildren!  Sweet!
My sister and her husband meeting Elizabeth for the first time and after a LONG drive. 
Josh...how is this the only picture I have of you form the visit?!?!?!  Crazy. 
Jacob and Shelby on the floor.  Jacob is probably watching Super Why because he was not looking at the camera!
Audrey and Jacob were going on a trip.  Who knows where they were off to...
Don't you love that Jacob has on his black dress shoes with white socks.  Awesome!
Papa and Jacob...probably taking a power nap.  :)
Thanks for checking in with us!  Have a blessed day!


  1. Lol! the things we will do with the grandchildren! thx for the pics Julie. I was having Gjo withdrawls. What a great time, and E is beautiful. Also loved the pic with J an E! Wow to b altogether was soooo great! LU Mom;-)

  2. Congratulations on the new baby! I see y'all every Sunday @ Woodmont. I will have to say "hi" next time I see you!